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  Isolation Publicity Wrap Up

This year, the world was turned upside down as a pandemic hurtled across borders. Very quickly, Australia shut down, and many events and festivals were cancelled, hitting the arts industry hard. All sectors of the arts were hit, with some finding new and innovative ways to keep going, and others finding ways to reschedule things. But many authors did not have this luxury – and had to cancel, postpone or alter launches, celebrations, and events across the board. Some were able to take events and launches online, others in small windows of opportunity as restrictions eased and those with events in the last few months of the year may not have had to cancel at all.


As part of this, I invited several authors and illustrators to participate in a series of interviews on my blog called Isolation Publicity. All were Australian, and all had books being released, or had just released a book – new or anniversary editions amidst a pandemic. It was one small way I could help them get the word out about their books and work as a whole.



In putting these interviews together, I tailored them to each individual author – not just about their book, but about other experiences, their interests, and little things about them that make them who they are, and that might have found a place in their books. Some are longer interviews, others are shorter. And for some, I also reviewed some of the books – whether I bought them, they were sent to me by the publisher for review, or the author gifted a copy as a thank you. For those books that have reviews, I have put the review under the interview link, so all efforts are collated in a single post – one of my many wrap up posts for 2020.

Of the other books I was sent, I was unable to read one (time constraints). No Small Shame by Christine Bell was the only one I was unable to read and review it, but will endeavour to get to it next year, as I begin to work through my 2021 books and aim to keep on top of reviewing in 2021.

Isolation Publicity with Danielle Binks


Book reviewed: The Year the Maps Changed



Isolation Publicity with Kirsty Manning


Book Reviewed: The Lost Jewels



Isolation Publicity with Suzanne Leal


Book Reviewed: The Deceptions



Isolation Publicity with Jenna Guillaume


Book Reviewed: You Were Made for Me



Isolation Publicity with Tanya Bretherton


Book Reviewed: The Killing Streets – Uncovering Australia’s First Serial Murderer



Isolation Publicity with Hazel Edwards



Isolation Publicity with Victoria McKinlay


Book Reviewed: Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot


Isolation Publicity with Middle Grade Mavens (podcast)



Isolation Publicity with Kerri Turner

Book Reviewed: Daughter of Victory Lights



Isolation Publicity with Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington


Book Reviewed: Snow White and Rose Red and Other Tales of Kind Young Women


Isolation Publicity with Dr Anna Whateley


Book Reviewed: Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal


Isolation Publicity with Sonya Bates


Book Reviewed: Inheritance of Secrets



Isolation Publicity with Jennifer MacKenzie



Isolation Publicity with Alison Booth


Book Reviewed: The Philosopher’s Daughters




Isolation Publicity with Madelaine Dickie



Isolation Publicity with James Foley, author and illustrator


Book Reviewed: Toffle Towers: Fully Booked

Toffle Towers: The Great River Race

Toffle Towers: Order in the Court


Isolation Publicity with Josephine Moon



Isolation Publicity with Monique Mulligan


Book(s) Reviewed:


Alexandra-Rose and Her Icy Cold Toes

Wherever You Go



Isolation Publicity with Kylie Howarth



Isolation Publicity with Nat Amoore


Book Reviewed: The Power of Positive Pranking


Isolation Publicity with Oliver Phommavanh


Book Reviewed: Brain Freeze



Isolation Publicity with Maya Linnell


Isolation Publicity with K.M. Kruimink


Book Reviewed: A Treacherous Country


Isolation Publicity with Dee White


Book Reviewed: Beyond Belief



Isolation Publicity with Petra James


Book Reviewed: Henrie’s Hero Hunt



Isolation Publicity with Sherryl Clark



Isolation Publicity with Wendy Orr


Book Reviewed: The Complete Adventures on Nim’s Island



Isolation Publicity with Christine Bell




Isolation Publicity with Allison (A.L.) Tait


Book Reviewed: The Firestar (A Maven ad Reeve Mystery)




Isolation Publicity with Zana Fraillon


Book Reviewed: Lost Soul Atlas



Isolation Publicity with Aleesah Darlison


Books Reviewed: League of Llamas: Undercover Llama,

League of Llamas: Rogue Llama



Isolation Publicity with Nova Weetman


Book Reviewed: Sick Bay



Isolation Publicity with Kate and Jol Temple


Book Reviewed: The Battle of Book Week



Isolation Publicity with Tim Cope



Isolation Publicity with Andrew MacDonald



Isolation Publicity with Deb Abela


Isolation Publicity with George Ivanoff



Isolation Publicity with Karen Turner



Isolation Publicity with Jacqueline Harvey:


Books Reviewed:


Alice-Miranda at School,

Alice-Miranda in the Outback,

Kensy and Max: Freefall

Kensy and Max: Full Speed

Kensy and Max: Spy Games




Isolation Publicity with Angela Savage



Isolation Publicity with Tanya Heaslip


Book Reviewed: An Alice Girl



Isolation Publicity with Caz Goodwin


Book Reviewed: Daisy Runs Wild



Isolation Publicity with Candice Lemon-Scott


Books Reviewed:


Eco Rangers: Pelican in Peril

Eco Rangers: Microbat Mayhem

Eco Rangers: Wildfire Rescue



Here’s hoping that next year, authors can participate in virtual and physical events and reach their readers. After the year we have had, picking up a good book has been something to treasure, and thank you to all these authors for their books and participating in this venture.

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