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Kensy and Max: Spy Games by Jacqueline Harvey

Title: Kensy and Max: Spy Games

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 3rd November 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96

Price: $2.99

Synopsis: Kensy and Max have a new mission – to win the Pharos Trainee Spy Games! But there can only be one champion . . .

The annual Pharos Trainee Spy Games competition is being held at Alexandria and Kensy and Max can’t wait to participate – and win! The challenges include an obstacle course, driving races, extreme parkour, coding and the big one – a treasure hunt, full of danger and intrigue. The prizes for the games are legendary, and with only one champion, the twins are forced to go head to head.

When the stakes are raised with news of a saboteur in their midst, Kensy and Max must put all their spy skills to the test. Who is the double agent? And which of the trainee spies has what it takes to emerge victorious?

A special Kensy and Max story for Australia Reads.


Jacqueline Harvey is an ambassador for the Australia Reads campaign, running from the first to the twelfth of November that includes the Australian Reading Hour on the 12th of November. As part of her role. Jacqueline has written a new Kensy and Max story to promote the campaign and a love of reading in all readers. In Kensy and Max: Spy Games, the twins are involved in a series of games at Alexandria during their half-term, part of their spy training, and a test of wills – who could be sabotaging the competitors, and is the person still after Kensy and Max involved?

As an avid fan of Kensy and Max, I was delighted to receive this for review, and love polishing it off. As with the other Kensy and Max books, each chapter heading uses a different code or cipher for the titles. In this book, the simple reverse cipher is used. Kensy and Max: Spy Games becomes semaG ypS: xaM dna ysneK.

This fun and exciting story is a light adventure in between the other stories, but with the same threatening undertones that have come to light in the last few books. It follows on neatly from the other books in the series, and gives more insight into Kensy, Max and all their friends who are spies in training. It is a fun break from the ongoing missions and accidental missions the twins have found themselves involved in over the previous six books, yet can be read as its own story, and be a great taster and introduction to Kensy and Max for new readers.

I loved reading this, and it has been added to my Kensy and Max collection, sitting alongside the others nicely. This is one of four books that will be available at book sellers during the Australia Reads campaign, each for $2.99. I hope readers discover new authors and characters through this campaign!

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