Editing Services


As well as being a book reviewer and quiz writer, I also offer editing services – mainly copy-editing and proofreading but can do a bit of everything with the help of my books and guides. My preferred contact is email, so please try and use this contact and give me the correct information for your contact and editing request.

Through discussions with friends and people I’ve met in publishing, I have an hourly rate, which is $15-$25 an hour.

Services offered:

– Copy-editing

– Proofreading

-Fact checking – please make sure you’ve thoroughly researched first though, and only ask this if there are niggling things that you’ve struggled to confirm. In these instances, I will do my best to confirm things.

As I do not have qualifications or experience in book design in terms of covers or images, this is a service I do not offer. Please also keep in mind, depending on length and what is needed, I will need at least two or more weeks – so if you have a deadline, I need to know this as well, and please do not expect a decent edit within a couple of days, as this will be unattainable.

I can work with Track Changes in Word to make corrections, comments or ask questions if something is unclear or if I think something else can be done but want to suggest it next to the text so you can compare.

Please make sure you’ve put your own efforts into editing, beta readers and sensitivity readers before sending me your manuscript. These are areas I’m not qualified in, and therefore cannot offer advice needed in these areas. I recommend letting your story sit for at least a month before you edit, and contact beta readers. It’s the only way to get an effective edit.

A s I also work as a quiz writer with Scholastic, I will sometimes have to make a judgement about whether I can balance things. I also edited for a small publisher in Canberra, Elephant Tree Publishing for just over twelve months until the company closed down.

In order for me to undertake your job, I will need of course, the manuscript, a brief about it – whether it is fiction or non-fiction, the main themes and characters. It also helps if I know exactly what you need – spelling, grammar, plot, or all of the above.

I focus on the mechanics of your manuscript – how it reads, and whether certain things make sense to the reader, which will come under my comments. Things you will need to have in place include any research necessary for your book, and I will trust that you’ve made sure everything is done properly.

In terms of contact, please include all author and manuscript information, what you hope to get and what you need as specifically as possible, and the areas of editing – how you phrase things, spelling, grammar – you feel you need help with.

I primarily work with Australian authors for the Australian market and have a degree in Professional Communications where I studied editing. As many publishers will have different manuscript submission guidelines, this is something you, as the author, will have to found out.


 Lucy Marrett- The Way I See It published by Elephant Tree Publishing 

I really liked Ashleigh’s editing, really helpful and clear. She also wrote lots of commentary about parts she liked and how she thought certain parts were beautifully written- it was really lovely to read genuine feedback from someone who is only reading it for the first time. I really appreciated those insights as well as her edit suggestions.

Kirsty Ferguson – What Lies Beneath Us published by Elephant Tree Publishing

I appreciate your efforts and think that the book is better for our collaboration.

Lucy Moffatt – Some Days published by Elephant Tree Publishing

I’ve just finished going over Ashleigh’s fantastic edits – thank you so much Ashleigh! I’ve made quite a few changes of my own, especially to the “Two Open Letters” chapter, to update with fresh research and also clarify a few really helpful points Ashleigh made.

Thank you for your thoughtful perspective on that topic, Ashleigh. All the people I showed it to share my views on the issue, and so weren’t able to notice the other side of the story that I had overlooked. So, so helpful!

Sandra Bennett – A Lighthouse in Time published by Elephant Tree Publishing 

Hi Ashleigh, Thank you for your wonderful review once again, and for your fabulous help with the editing. I am so pleased that the kids adventures are keeping you captivated. Wait til you see what is in store for them in book 3!

The Consequences series by J.A. Duxbury

I want to thank Ashleigh Meikle for the wonderful job she has done on the two books, Heart of Deception and Consequences 2.

When she got Heart of Deception, it was a mish-mash and lots of capitalisation and comma errors all over the place. Also, I am a user of sentence fragments, so she had to deal with that, too.

Ashleigh was able to tie all of my errors together so that the final product is a polished work.

Ashleigh was also able to advise me on how capitalisation works and when it is used when addressing royalty.

Thank you, Ashleigh, on a job well done. I’m currently editing the third book and that will probably be another that I would love you to edit for me.

Julz. (J A Duxbury)


Books I Have Edited:

 The Way I See It by Lucy Marrett

What Lies Beneath Us by Kirsty Ferguson

Some Days by Lucy Moffatt

A Lighthouse in Time by Sandra Bennett 

The Voice of Spirit: The World Through My Eyes by Judy O’Brien

Consequences #1: Heart of Deception by J.A.Duxbury

Consequences #2 by J.A. Duxbury