Editing Testimonials

 Lucy Marrett- The Way I See It published by Elephant Tree Publishing 

I really liked Ashleigh’s editing, really helpful and clear. She also wrote lots of commentary about parts she liked and how she thought certain parts were beautifully written- it was really lovely to read genuine feedback from someone who is only reading it for the first time. I really appreciated those insights as well as her edit suggestions.

Kirsty Ferguson – What Lies Beneath Us published by Elephant Tree Publishing

I appreciate your efforts and think that the book is better for our collaboration.

Lucy Moffatt – Some Days published by Elephant Tree Publishing

I’ve just finished going over Ashleigh’s fantastic edits – thank you so much Ashleigh! I’ve made quite a few changes of my own, especially to the “Two Open Letters” chapter, to update with fresh research and also clarify a few really helpful points Ashleigh made.

Thank you for your thoughtful perspective on that topic, Ashleigh. All the people I showed it to share my views on the issue, and so weren’t able to notice the other side of the story that I had overlooked. So, so helpful!

Sandra Bennett – A Lighthouse in Time published by Elephant Tree Publishing 

Hi Ashleigh, Thank you for your wonderful review once again, and for your fabulous help with the editing. I am so pleased that the kids adventures are keeping you captivated. Wait til you see what is in store for them in book 3!

The Consequences series by J.A. Duxbury

I want to thank Ashleigh Meikle for the wonderful job she has done on the two books, Heart of Deception and Consequences 2.

When she got Heart of Deception, it was a mish-mash and lots of capitalisation and comma errors all over the place. Also, I am a user of sentence fragments, so she had to deal with that, too.

Ashleigh was able to tie all of my errors together so that the final product is a polished work.

Ashleigh was also able to advise me on how capitalisation works and when it is used when addressing royalty.

Thank you, Ashleigh, on a job well done. I’m currently editing the third book and that will probably be another that I would love you to edit for me.

Julz. (J A Duxbury)

Books I Have Edited:

The Way I See It by Lucy Marrett

What Lies Beneath Us by Kirsty Ferguson

Some Days by Lucy Moffatt

A Lighthouse in Time by Sandra Bennett

The Voice of Spirit: The World Through My Eyes by Judy O’Brien

Consequences #1: Heart of Deception by J.A.Duxbury

Consequences #2 by J.A. Duxbury

Fossil Frenzy by Sandra Bennett