Review Policy


Review policy:

At the moment, I am receiving books from publishers to review at least monthly. Sometimes this means three, four or even more reviews due on the same day or within a few days of each other – as such, these reviews will take priority as I have dates for them, and contacts. I only review books I know I will enjoy, and these take priority.

I attempt to write honest, yet balanced reviews – some might lean more towards loving it or loathing it. I reserve that for books that either capture me completely or that I don’t enjoy at all. I try not to be too critical, and give the books I am sent a decent shot.

If a book does not have a specific date a review is needed, it will move down the list when there are specific dates involved. This is simply so I can stay on top of everything and get to things at a fair pace.

My blogs include Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Price (you MUST specify if this is not to be in Australian dollars, or I will put the price I find in Australian dollars), Page numbers, Genre, and Synopsis. If I agree to review a book not from a publicity contact at a publisher, you will need to provide all of these and a cover image yourself – that way, the format is uniform across the blog and your review will have the same format as others.

Genres I review:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • YA
  • Children’s
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Genre blended
  • Non-Fiction – biographies, history.

I do not review books about business practices, science or technology. Please do not send me anything like this as I will not read it at all. Nor do I read or review erotica.

Nor do I review cook books, health books, spirituality or self help books – these are not my area of interest or expertise. These books are not going to be reviewed well or at all if I receive them.

Please Note: I tend towards supporting Australian authors, publishers and local booksellers. I do not use Amazon for purchases, and primarily review here on my blog. 

Ebooks: I don’t typically read e-books for a variety of reasons, so please consider this before asking me to review one. Print books are easier for me, and as I get a lot of these from Australian publishers, they will always take priority. I am currently closed to ebooks as I do not have the time to dedicate to them, my other work on a screen and print books. Given the majority of the ones I have queued up are print, this is the way I am headed. I apologise for any inconvenience but I am also taking care of my  own health doing this. 

Finally, please take the time to READ my review policy and blog beyond the recent posts a bit to ensure your book is the right fit. It will help both of us in the long run. 

As I have just started a quiz writer’s job, I do not have time to read things that will not be reviewed fairly, or on time.

I reserve the right to refuse to review a book if it does not fit into my schedule or if it is one I am not going to enjoy.


Keep in mind that by commenting on posts, signing up to receive updates or using the contact me form, you are consenting to the information being stored on this site, and this is so I can manage any requests for review and work on them effectively.

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