Review Policy



This blog does not support:

  • ableism
  • fetishising any group
  • transphobia
  • homophobia
  • sexism
  • biphobia
  • incest
  • anything that in anyway harms any group.
  • ace and arophobia
  • racism
  • any kind of discrimination


When the above appear in historical fiction, it is usually, in my reading experience, a driving force for something for characters to fight against, and illustrates what has come before and where we are now. Most of these books I have read have not shrugged it off as nothing, but had a commentary on it to help us understand the issues.


Review policy:

At the moment, I am receiving books from publishers to review at least monthly. Sometimes this means three, four or even more reviews due on the same day or within a few days of each other – as such, these reviews will take priority as I have dates for them, and contacts. I only review books I know I will enjoy, and these take priority.

  1. I attempt to write honest, yet balanced reviews, and have focus areas listed below.

2. If a book does not have a specific date a review is needed, it will move down the list. As publishers and blog tours have specific dates for posting, these take priority.

3. Please send a detailed email, including an introduction to you are, your book, and all the details:  Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Price (Please specify if this is in another currency), Page numbers, Genre, and Synopsis. Also, once I have agreed to review, send a cover image.

4. If this information is not provided – as it is by publishers, I won’t review.

5. I reserve the right to say no – trying to convince me to read and review won’t work.

6. Feel free to ask questions as well, and I sometimes do interviews but as I do this for free, I can’t always dedicate time to interviews away from my job as a quiz writer, and my other job as a copyeditor.

7. I don’t read eBooks – I spend enough time using computers for work and volunteering, so I lean towards physical books to give my eyes a break from the light of screens.

8. As an Australian Book Blogger, I support Australian authors, booksellers and publishers as my primary focus. As a result, my affiliate links for Angus and Robertson, Booktopia, Dymocks and QBD are Australian. For blog tours, I do provide other links as well for the tour.

9. I do not use Amazon (see above) so I review here and on Goodreads primarily. Please keep this in mind when asking me about Amazon.

10. I sometimes get requests from authors overseas. I understand sending physical books is expensive, and that in these cases, sending an eBook format is easier. Based on this and point seven – please take this into consideration and know what your limitations of resources are before requesting – it will save us both time trying to find a solution, or forcing someone into a corner they can’t get out of or will struggle with.

Genres I review:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • YA
  • Children’s
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Genre blended
  • Non-Fiction – biographies, history.

I don’t review:

  • science
  • business
  • self-help
  • technology
  • erotica
  • health
  • spirituality
  • cook-books

This is because they are not my areas of interest or expertise and would not be able to give a fair review. Please keep this in mind. If in doubt, read some of my posts and check out my blog.  

As I have just started a quiz writer’s job, I do not have time to read things that will not be reviewed fairly, or on time.

I reserve the right to refuse to review a book if it does not fit into my schedule or if it is one I am not going to enjoy.

Keep in mind that when you are commenting on posts, signing up to receive updates or using the contact me form, you are consenting to the information being stored on this site, and this is so I can manage any requests for review and work on them effectively.

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