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Bionic Book Subscription

What is the Bionic Book Subscription service?

A monthly book subscription service

Half human, half machine. Our algorithm learns your preferences then gets to know you better as you tell us what you like and don’t like about the books we send you. Our expert curators select books based on your personal preferences, that will entertain you, engage your mind and ultimately grow your enjoyment of reading.

Born in Melbourne during the COVID-19 lockdown, our aim is to enrich peoples’ lives in the age of social distancing and beyond, with the joy of good books. We want to get non-readers reading and regular readers expanding their literary palettes.

We first learn about what you like with our taste questionnaire, then keep learning as you give feedback on each book we send you.

One book delivered monthly for $29.95 per month or one book delivered every two months for $29.95 every two months, including delivery. Prepaid subscriptions are also available at lower monthly rates.


I was approached by the owner of Bionic Book Subscriptions earlier this month, Nick Mackay, to review the service. To do so, he supplied me with a three-month gift subscription – one book a month, after I filled out a survey, he sent to me.

The process of filling in the gift subscription survey was interesting, as it asked for my preferences, what I had recently enjoyed reading, and if I had read any of a vast list of popular books. I waited a couple of weeks – the books are sent on the first and third Wednesday of the month, with a choice of one book a month or one book every two months.

I was very pleased with the process, and the book – Cry of the Firebird by T.M. Clark, that I am yet to read but plan to, and am hoping to get to it as soon as I can, as it looks very promising. The synopsis of Cry of the Firebird is below:

November, 2019

South African–born Doctor Lily Winters, a consultant with the World Health Organization, has been in the thick of some of the worst humanitarian disasters across the globe. But when she’s posted back to South Africa following the suspicious death of an ex-colleague, she faces the biggest medical mystery she’s ever seen.

The resettled San community of Platfontein is exhibiting a higher-than-average HIV infection rate, and their people are dying. The cases Lily takes over are baffling and despite her best efforts the medicine doesn’t seem to be helping.

To save this unique community, Lily and a policeman from the Kalahari, Piet Kleinman, join forces to trace the origins of the epidemic and uncover the truth. Their search drags them into the dangerous world of a corrupt industry driven by profit while the authorities meant to protect their community turn a blind eye. In a race against time Lily and Piet will put not only their careers but their lives on the line …


 This inventive subscription service was borne from the Melbourne lockdown this year – to support authors and readers in a world of social distancing as another way to get books out to people. It is an interesting thing to do – as someone who likes to choose my own reading, even when it comes to review requests. I was very pleased with the choice of book – that will be reviewed on my blog as soon as I am able to. A really interesting service that uses the answers you give, and then Nick and his team choose a book for you! It’ll be interesting to see what else I get – as I am a big reader of children’s and adult’s books, and would love to see if this subscription service sends out children’s books or nice books in the next two parcels.

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