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Eco Rangers: Microbat Mayhem by Candice Lemon-Scott

Title: Eco Rangers: Microbat Mayhem

Author: Candice Lemon-Scott

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 1st June 2019

Format: Paperback

Pages: 100

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: The Eco Rangers, Ebony and Jay, are having so much fun at the local adventure park. But when they find two abandoned baby bats, they rescue them right away. Then they discover more microbats inside an old rollercoaster ride. Can the Eco Rangers save the animals in time before the ride is destroyed?

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife through their conservation centre. Ebony and Jay love helping others and looking after the environment. In each story, they meet new animal friends, solve mysteries and learn more about nature. Meet the Eco Rangers and dive into their brand-new adventures!


The Eco Rangers are back! Jay and Ebony are exploring the local adventure park when they find some baby bats alone in the old ride, and rescuing them leads to a discovery of a bat colony in the same ride, and they are determined to save them before the manager of the park destroys the ride to make way for a new one. It’s a race against time when they find out that her plan is to exterminate the microbats, a protected species. Jay and Ebony must work with Doctor Bat and Doctor Tan to sace the bats before it is too late!

The second book in the Eco Rangers series highlights the importance of looking after endangered and protected species, and highlights how people can help, even if it is just contacting their local wildlife hospital or organisation, or actively helping to look after rescue animals, and doing what you can around your locality to help native wildlife, much like the first book does.

It manages to strike the balance between animal conservation and the economy in Jay and Ebony’s town and shows that community spirit is stronger than a desire to make money. This is a powerful message, especially in times like we are in now, where supporting each other and helping those around us, and forming a community will bring us closer together.

This was the second time I have read this book – the first time was last year so I could write a quiz on it for my work as a quiz writer with Scholastic, and I enjoyed it both times, noticing new things in it this time, as last time I was reading it in a different way. In read it for enjoyment this time, and found it just as powerful and charming as my first read. I am hoping to finish off this series, as part of my goal to read books by as many, of the authors who participated in Isolation Publicity, and Candice was my final interview. This is a great book for kids aged seven and older, and even adults can learn from these books. They present information clearly and concisely, and are a powerful addition to environmentally themed books.

A great series that I can’t wait to read more of!

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