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November 2020 Wrap up

As we come to the end of the year, I am wrapping up as much as I can. I have completed five of my eight goals, and four of seven challenges – I hope to complete the others as I am very close to doing so and have a few ideas of what to use. There may be one or two I am unable to fill – due to the category being too specific and hinting at a very American-centric choice.

You’ll have noticed that this year, I have done what I can to prioritise Australian authors, who have all suffered in the pandemic but are also often overlooked for their American counterparts, and left out of best seller lists overseas, or out of our mainstream media, unless they’ve managed to become a huge seller or are a celebrity or have had their book made into a successful movie or television show.

In these hard times, the arts need our support – performing arts, music, plays, and books. In my challenges, I have always tried to fit Australian authors in wherever I can, as much as possible – and perhaps this is an indication that going forward, seeking out challenges that have an Australian slant with open categories might be something to think about. Challenges on American sites are often narrow and prescriptive and have a heavy American bias. Sure, the Australian challenges will have the Australian bias, but the point is, I think, to encourage Australians to read their local authors. To keep our various cultures and experiences alive through magical words when we are bombarded with American stories all the time. I believe that Australians are entitled and should be able to see their country, their culture, everything about themselves represented through Australian eyes, and hear our voices above the deluge of American ones. So many of  my favourite books are Australian and I think are key to our understanding of ourselves – one reason I endorse the Australian Women Writers Challenge as a key challenge in discovering and promoting Australian authors.

I did read fewer books than usual this month, but I did spend a lot more time with some of them, and if I were to choose a favourite, it would be the much-anticipated Searching for Charlotte. Some reviews are only going up in December, and I hope to read more then.

The Modern Mrs Darcy 12/12

AWW2020 – 129/25

Book Bingo – 12/12

The Nerd Daily Challenge 49/52

Dymocks Reading Challenge 25/25

Books and Bites Bingo 23/25

STFU Reading Challenge: 10/12

General Goal –212/165

 Eco-Rangers: Pelican in PerilCandice Lemon-ScottReading Challenge, AWW2020
Pigs Might Fly byEmily RoddaReading Challenge, AWW2020, Books and Bites Bingo, The Modern Mrs Darcy
Eco Rangers: Microbat MayhemCandice Lemon-ScottReading Challenge, AWW2020
Eco Rangers: Wildfire RescueCandice Lemon-ScottReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Charleston ScandalPamela HartReading Challenge, AWW2020
Gorkle  Penny MancounReading Challenge, AWW2020
Searching for Charlotte: The Fascinating Story of Australia’s First Children’s AuthorKate Forsyth and Belinda MurrellReading Challenge, AWW2020
ThriveMary BorsellinoReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Philosopher’s Daughters  Alison BoothReading Challenge, AWW2020
When This Bell RingsAllison RushbyReading Challenge, AWW2020
Ella at Eden: Musical MysteryLaura SievekingReading Challenge, AWW2020
Bianca de LumiereLisette PrendeReading Challenge
The Unicorn PrincessEktaa BaliReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Angel of Waterloo  Jackie FrenchReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Paperbag Princess  Robert MunschReading Challenge,

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