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December 2021 Reading Wrap Up

In December, I read twenty-five books, some of those were books for quiz writing and others were 2022 releases that I decided to read, review and schedule the post for so I don’t fall behind. As a result, these reviews are not included but the books themselves are. I have also completed all my challenges, and all those will be linked in my year-end round up. In total I read almost 270 books this year, mostly Australian, with about three quarters of those books written by Australian Women Authors.

Modern Mrs Darcy – 14/14

Australian Authors Challenge – 24/24 (106)

AWW2021 – 150/50

Dymocks Reading Challenge – 26/26

QBD Reading Challenge – 26/26

Overall goal – 268/170

Total Australian authors read: 187

International: 81

  1. The School Teacher of Saint-Michel by Sarah Steele
  2. Well, Hello: Meanderings from the World of Chat 10, Looks 3 by Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales
  3. Dharma the Llama by Matt Cosgrove
  4. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  5. Bookish Broads: Women Who Wrote Themselves into History by Lauren Marino
  6. No Hearts of Gold by Jackie French
  7. Bad Habits by Sarah Evans
  8. Grace’s Secrets by Louise Park
  9. Grace’s Escape by Louise Park
  10. Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas by Sibéal Pounder
  11. Ella at Eden: The London Thief by Laura Sieveking
  12. The Nutcracker by E.T.A  Hoffman
  13. The Tower at the End of Time by Amy Sparkes (Read 2021, released 2022)
  14. Ollie and Bea: Owl be Back by Renee Treml
  15. The Ship of Cloud and Stars by Amy Raphael (Read 2021, released 2022)
  16. The Last Firehawk: The Secret Maze by Katrina Charman
  17. Monty, Dog Detective: The Bone Ranger by Louisa Bennet
  18. The Puppy Place: Donut by Ellen Miles
  19. Ella and Olivia: The New Baby by Yvette Poshoglian
  20. A Three Dog Problem by S.J. Bennett
  21. Macca’s Christmas Crackers by Matt Cosgrove
  22. Our Country: Ancient Wonders by Mark Greenwood and Frané Lessac (Read 2021, Reviewed 2022)
  23. Violet Veil Mysteries: A Case of Misfortune by Sophie Cleverly (Read 2021, Reviewed 2022)
  24. Elsewhere Girls by Emily Gale and Nova Weetman
  25. The World Between Blinks: Rebellion of the Lost by Amie Kaufman ad Ryan Graudin (Read 2021, Reviewed 2022)

Onto more reading in 2022!

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