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April 2021 Round Up

In April, I read 17 books, mostly Australian, across various genres and issues and styles, aimed at different age groups. I read a lot for kids, from picture books to middle grade books, young adult and adult. I also chipped away at more of my challenges, and have extended my Aussie Author Challenge beyond the highest level with 8 months of the year left. Some books came along at the right time, and have covered such a broad range of experiences. I also wrote about representation of Australia and Australians in the arts, and the sense that it feels like Australian stories are slowly being taken over by American ones.

I’m getting through my challenges as well, and hope to be finished them by the end of the year – which is likely, as long as I can find books that fit every category, which has so far been easy, and doable. 

Modern Mrs Darcy – 13/14

Australian Authors Challenge – 24/24 (34)

AWW2021 – 58/50

Dymocks Reading Challenge – 21/26

QBD Reading Challenge – 23/26

Overall goal – 92/170

  1. Paws by Kate Foster
  2. Legends of the Lost Lilies by Jackie French
  3. The Vanishing at the Small Castle (The Butter O’Bryan Mysteries) by Jackie French
  4. Heroes of the Secret Underground by Susanne Gervay
  5. Move that Mountain by Kate and Jol Temple, illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton
  6. Strangeworlds Travel Agency: The Edge of the Ocean by L.D. Lapinski
  7. The Holocaust: A Chronicle of History and Hope by Hugh Dolan and Adrian Barbu
  8. The Husband Poisoner: Suburban Women who Killed in Post-World War II Sydney by Tanya Bretherton
  9. Everything We Keep by Di Walker
  10. 200 Minutes of Mystery by Jack Heath
  11. Traffic: A Sandi Kent Mystery by Robin Gregory
  12. Michaela Mason’s Big List of 23 Worries by Alexa Moses
  13. Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows by Denis Knight and Cristy Burne
  14. The Dark Lady by Akala
  15. The Warsaw Orphan by Kelly Rimmer
  16. Drum Roll, Please…it’s Stevie Louise! By Tanya Hennessy
  17. A Glasshouse of Stars by Shirley Marr

Next month I hope to have reached the 100 mark and possibly beyond. I hope to be on top of all my TBR piles as well. Onto May and more reading!

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