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Paris Takes Over the World by Kyla May

Title: Paris Takes Over the World

Paris Takes Over the World by Kyla May. A blue cover with a window looking out over the Eiffel Tower with a French flag - blue, white and red. A young white girl with brown hair, and a red beret on her head sits in the window.
Paris Takes Over the World by Kyla May

Author: Kyla May

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st June 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 130

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Hi! I’m Paris. I write in my travel journal as I explore the


Paris is 10 years old and is off to visit her favourite city, PARIS!

While she is there, she meets a girl named Amélie who has

lost her dog, Eclair. Can Paris help Amelie trace her steps

through the landmarks of the city to find the lost pup?


Paris is off on her first overseas trip with her travel blogger parents – and they’re headed to Paris! Paris has been reading up on the city she is named after. She’s also got a special talent – she can understand dogs! So whilst she is out exploring the Luxembourg Gardens, she runs into Amélie, who has lost her darling dog, Éclair! So Paris agrees to help – and they journey around Paris and all its landmarks to find the missing dog. But what will they get up to along the way?

This fun book introduces France and French to younger readers in a colourful and vibrant way, peppering the text with French and the English translation as we follow Paris on her day having fun exploring the French capital and making friends with Amélie. This is one of those books that combines education, literacy and fun in one accessible and colourful book to appeal to younger readers, and that can be read alone by confident readers, or with those who are helping a child work on their literacy.

Paris Takes Over the World is a colourful story that brings the world of Paris to life. In a world where we can’t really travel at the moment, books like this can take us on a journey, and show us the things we are longing to see. Beautifully told, this story captured my imagination and immersed me as a reader in Paris, as it is filled with colours, maps and vibrant images that evoke a sense of what Paris is meant to be. Readers will be enthralled by Paris and her fun travels, and I think we all need a fun, light series like this right now that allows us to travel without worrying about border closures or outbreaks.

As well as this, children will learn about France and learn some French along the way. It is also about friendship and helping those who need you when you least expect it. Paris is such a fun and vibrant character who will make you laugh and smile. This is a story that has a special kind of magic that brings books to life for the reader. I loved visiting Paris with Paris and meeting Amélie, and the joy is in the friendship that booms and flows off the page, Books like these that celebrate friendship and unity are just what we need right now – a sense of safety and a feeling of knowing there is something special and joyful out there for all of us.

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