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Kensy and Max: Chasing Danger by Jacqueline Harvey

Title: Kensy and Max: Chasing Danger

Two blonde-haired kids dressed in jeans and jumpers leaping in front of snowy mountains. Kensy and Max: Chasing Danger by Jacqueline Harvey

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 3rd May 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 384

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: What do you do when ghosts rise from the past? When they reveal long-buried secrets that could turn your world upside down?

When an earthquake causes a breach at a super-secret Pharos prison, Kensy and Max must join an urgent assignment to Queenstown, New Zealand. Time is of the essence – the escaped prisoners are two highly dangerous men out for revenge against both Pharos and the Spencer family.

The twins head into the wilderness in pursuit. But the mountains are dangerous, and instability brought on by the earthquake is only making things worse. Meanwhile, strange things are happening back in London as one Pharos agent is attacked and another disappears. It will take all of Kensy and Max’s hard-earned skills to come out of this mission alive – but what will be waiting for them when they do?


Kensy and Max are headed to Australia for Tinsley and Rupert’s wedding – but first, they have to make a detour to Queenstown, New Zealand, to track down two dangerous prisoners. One of these prisoners is Dash Chalmers, Tinsley’s husband. He’s supposed to be dead, but his reappearance has complicated things. Dash and his partner want revenge on Pharos and their family – but why? What could the Spencer family have possibly done, and why take it out on Kensy and Max? As they investigate in New Zealand, their mother and grandmother look into a disappearance back in London – and all is not what it seems as lives are endangered.

The ninth Kensy and Max takes us deeper into the world of Pharos and the mystery that has been part of the entire series up until now – who is after the Spencer family and why – though the why is still shrouded in secrets, slowly, each strand is coming together and we’re finding out who the enemies are, though at times, these people change. I felt this aspect was done really well – we are never sure who the enemy is, and that is what a spy novel needs – you never know – beyond Kensy and Max, and their family – who you can really trust, as there are always seeds of doubt being planted about so many people.

The latest code is the every second letter code – so in this instance, all you do is write down the chapter headings, and cross off every second letter. In some cases, it was easy to work out the titles, though in other cases, the left over letters didn’t feel like they always worked. I might try again though, as it might work better if I can always write them down – I often found myself without pen and paper when it came to some of the titles. It will be interesting to see what happens when I am able to sit down and do this.

I’ve been reading Kensy and Max since the start, and they just keep getting better, with each novel revealing a new layer to what is really going on behind the scenes. Each time we get closer to finding out who is behind everything that has been happening since book one, and all the clues are coming together. It is definitely a series that needs to be read in order, so you can understand the background to everything and everything that is happening in each book.

The characters are  well-developed, and the new adventure is filled with just as much danger and excitement as the previous eight books, and I am looking forward to book ten, what comes next, and how everything will be wrapped up. This is one of my favourite modern series because it has something for everyone, and I think readers of all ages can get something out of it as well – kids’ books aren’t just for kids I’ve found. I get so much out of them, and really enjoy sitting back and reading them. They often cover so many things really well too.

Another fantastic Kensy and Max book!

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