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Mertales: The Great Treasure Hunt by Rebecca Timmis

Title: Mertales: The Great Treasure Hunt

A purple cover with four mermaids. One has white skin, blonde hair and a pink tail, the second has dark brown skin, a blue tail and black hair, the third has white skin, light brown hair and a green tail and the fourth has light brown skin, dark brown hair and a red tail.

Author: Rebecca Timmis

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 1st February 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 136

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Turbulent turtles! It’s Book 3 in the sea-sational MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure.

It’s the day of the Great Treasure Hunt and everyone is joining in!

Coral is excited to lead her team of best friends to the treasure first. But soon they discover that there is a bigger mystery to solve…

Who is the mer-sterious Count Frumplesquid, and what does he really want in Cockleshell Cove?

Can Coral and her crew work together to uncover the truth and keep the precious treasure safe?


Pearl, Shell, Coral, and Sandy are back – and this time, on a treasure hunt with the rest of Cockleshell Cove, which has been set up by mersterious stranger, Count Frumplesquid. With a great treasure up for grabs, but as Coral’s Crew hunts for the treasure and follows the cryptic clues left for everyone, they start to uncover a sinister plot – but who is involved and why? Can Coral and her friends save the day?

The friends are keen to find the treasure – they have grand plans for it! This series is great for early readers, and it has a diverse friendship group, especially in terms of interests and personalities, to show kids that being different is cool and there will always be people who will stand by your side. I’ve been reading this series since the beginning, and there’s always something new and delightful in each book, whilst having a story thread throughout each one that gently but eagerly leads into the next book. The mystery of the series is gently woven throughout, and each character introduced is there for a purpose – and hopefully this will all be revealed in book four.

This fun and fintastic series is engaging, and each book focuses on one of the mermaids, but also allows the friends to shine as they learn lessons from each other and help each other – a good chance to teach young kids about cooperation and team work, and what it means to be a good friend. These are delightful books for kids, and the kind of books I would have devoured as a younger reader, and even today, I love them. They deal with complex issues in simple, non-condescending language, and can be read out loud or quietly – and enjoyed by all. I’ve said before that I love kids, middle grade and young adult books because they deal with issues about many things, such as friendship, in what I think are more effective ways than adult books sometimes. And there is something comforting about books for younger readers that have a nice conclusion and plot that is comforting in these uncertain times. I like a nice gentle story, and these books offer that, even if I read them within a day – they do bring a smile to my face, and I hope readers of all ages and the target group get the same enjoyment out of this book that I did.

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