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Ouch: Tales of Gravity by Kate Simpson and Andy Hardiman

Title: Ouch: Tales of Gravity

A turquoise cover with a red apple falling on a little black girl's head. Ouch:Tales of Gravity by Kate Simpson

Author: Kate Simpson and Andy Hardiman

Genre: Non-fiction

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 1st February 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $24.99

Synopsis: Kate Simpson is a children’s author, the co-host of children’s book podcast One More Page, and a mum – so she certainly knows how to keep things entertaining for kids. But she also has the scientific credibility to back it up! Kate has a degree in chemical engineering, and juggles writing with her full-time job as an engineer.

If you’ve ever wondered why apples fall from trees – rather than moving to the side or even up – Ouch is a funny story that explains the concept of gravity, with clear explanations, a tonne of silly scenarios and a scientific information sheet at the back, perfect for home or school learning. There’s even a do-it-yourself science experiment at the end!

Have you ever wondered how gravity works? Or what life would be like without gravity? Find out in this fun introduction to the idea that what goes up must come down!

A humorous book about the laws of gravity suitable for the readers who loved We Go Way Back, Do Not Lick this Book and How Did I Get Here?.


The past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in picture books aimed at older readers, who are in school, and that are built around educational topics. These picture books can be subject specific or written in a way that they can be used across a variety of subjects and learning outcomes, particularly in junior school. The latest of these books is Ouch! Tales of Gravity by Kate Simpson, which explores the concept of gravity and its existence throughout history, and the moment Sir Isaac Newton put a name to it hundreds of years ago.

Kate Simpson has used her scientific and engineering background to create a fun, engaging, and educational book about gravity and its effects, how it works, and what it does in our world – and how people have known it has existed throughout history, even though Isaac Newton came up with the theories surrounding what gravity is. She also compares how gravity works for us, compared to the lack of gravity in space and what this means for astronauts in a fun and accessible way for younger readers. Even as someone who never really enjoyed science, this was entertaining, and will at least help children understand concepts such as gravity in a learning and classroom situation.

A book like this might have helped me in science – even if it didn’t make me like it. It is books like these that can help a child’s understanding of a topic as well as bolster or build on an interest that are useful as an educational tool but also, just to read for fun. These books allow kids to explore these concepts and subjects safely, and will ignite more passion I those kids already into science. With so many cool picture books out at the moment, picture book lovers are certainly spoilt for choice, as there is something for everyone now!

A great book for eager science fans!

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