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Alice-Miranda in Egypt (Alice-Miranda #20) by Jacqueline Harvey

Title: Alice-Miranda in Egypt (Alice-Miranda #20)

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 1st June 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 416

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: Sun, sand and secrets in the ancient world!

The Queen’s Colours leadership program is heading to Egypt and Alice-Miranda and her friends are thrilled. There are hidden tombs to explore, a new culture to experience and a lot to learn about the country’s ancient past.
But something is amiss among the pyramids and palm trees. Bizarre happenings back home, a new friend with something to hide and adults with stories that don’t quite add up leave the friends very worried indeed. One thing’s for sure: when Alice-Miranda starts digging, she’ll find more than just buried treasure!


Alice-Miranda is off on another adventure – this time to Egypt on the latest leg of her Queen’s Colours leadership program. She’s there with friends and teachers, and as they land in Egypt, a mystery surrounding the fate of their beloved school, Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale, arouses interest and suspicion amongst Alice-Miranda and her friends. There is more than just history and lost treasure at stake – and Alice-Miranda will get to the bottom of it with her effervescent nature, charm and ability to help anyone with anything.

Alice-Miranda is a delightful series for middle grade readers, that allows readers to go on adventures, make friends and have lots of fun along the way. There’s always a hint of something not being quite right, but Alice-Miranda books always end on a high note, and with the hope of a new adventure to come. I’ve read a few Alice-Miranda books, though not in order. It’s been as I have found them, which has worked out nicely as I found them easy to follow.

Much like her Kensy and Max series, Jacqueline focuses on a core cast of characters with Alice-Miranda, and brings in new people, sometimes from previous books, and sometimes completely new characters who all end up having some kind of connection to Alice-Miranda and her friends. I love that this series focuses on friendship, and the beauty of friendship. It shows all kinds of people in friendships across the series and captures the brilliance of children in an environment where they are away from their parents – a key ingredient in children’s fiction, so the child characters can have rollicking adventures – even if there is some adult supervision around in the form of teachers.

The latest in Alice-Miranda’s adventures is my favourite of all the ones I have read so far – as it explores the history and culture of Egypt and makes it accessible for children, giving them an entrée into this world or something that they can gobble up and enjoy if they already have a passion for Ancient Egypt, with all its fascinating archaeological sites and the history of the pharaohs – including Hatshepsut and a visit to her temple at Deir el-Bahri!

I absolutely loved this book and hope fans of Alice-Miranda will love it too.

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