Love Your Bookshop Day 2019


Every year, around the second Saturday in August, bookshops and booklovers around Australia celebrate Love Your Bookshop Day buy visiting their local bookstore that may have author visits, or other activities, and staff who dress up – as they do at my local bookstore, Book Face.

This year, I saw Cat in the Hat, Frida Khalo, a witch from a kid’s book, and Mary Poppins – who is always there, each year. In fact, I was served by Mary Poppins, which was exciting, and the bookstore was buzzing with activity, with people buying books, meeting the authors in the store, and listening to the live music just outside the store. Of my purchases, Rebel Women Who Shaped Australia by Susanna De Vries is what I want to read first, and it will tick off my final book bingo category for the year.

LYBS Logo_Stacked_heart

This is always a fun day, where the store is packed and buzzing, which makes the atmosphere so lovely, and enticing. This is quite a short post, but I am looking forward to next year, to see what characters appear and what activities are on – hopefully something very cool.

Stephanie Parkyn Book Signing: BookFace, Erina Fair, 4th March 2018

into the worldOne of the greatest pleasures of being a book lover and book reviewer, as well as a frequent customer to my favourite bookshop, is finding out about exciting events, and being able to attend them. This weekend I got to attend one such event at my local bookstore, BookFace, my favourite local bookseller. It was a book signing with Australian author, Stephanie Parkyn, whose novel, Into the World was released in December of last year, and that I had the pleasure of reviewing on this blog for publisher, Allen and Unwin.

An invitation from Merril at BookFace prompted me to attend this event, where I met Stephanie, had my book signed and chatted about my reviewing – she was very interested in what I do and how, and when reviews have to be in, and how many books I read per month – which can vary, and how I manage to keep on top of it all. Nervous at first, Merril introduced me, and we had a delightful chat, and took some photos.

Stephanie signing books

Stephanie’s first question to me was “Are you a writer?” and of course I answered “Yes, I would like to be but at the moment, I’m a writer of book reviews.”  It was this answer, and Merril and Alison’s interest and contributions that prompted the reviewing conversation.

Stephanie and I

I watched a few other people come up to Stephanie – of all the groups and people who came up to her over the hour she was there, most of them went over to see what it was about and listened to Stephanie talk about the book. and her plans for other characters in the book and their own stories – which will be interesting and enjoyable to read. As I had read the book, and Merril was half way through, we had chats about books in general and what we liked to read, and some of our favourite authors.

Stephanie with the lovely manager of BookFace, Allison

Having met a few Australian authors, and interacting with several others on social media, I have found them all to be generous and kind, happy to answer questions and chat. And their generosity does not go unnoticed by readers – these are authors whose books I will always read and whose new releases I eagerly await year after year.


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Stephanie and would like to thank Stephanie, Merril, Allison and BookFace for hosting this event yesterday.