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Meet Ella: Lost Book by Rebecca McRitchie

Title: Meet Ella: Lost Book

A pink cover with a brown haired girl in a pink and purple dress. She's holding a green book. Meet Ella: Lost Book by Rebecca McRitchie and Danielle McDonald

Author: Rebecca McRitchie

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 48

Price: $7.99

Synopsis: From the world of the bestselling Ella and Olivia and Ella Diaries.

• Meet Ella in her first year at school.

• Simple vocabulary and large, easy-to-read font ideal for very new readers.

• Full of humour, heart and playful illustrations.

• Relatable themes of family, friendship and being a little person in a big world.

• Ella and Olivia has over ONE MILLION copies in print!

Ella loves borrowing books from the library. But on the day her book is due to be returned, Ella can’t find it anywhere. It’s missing! Where could it be?


• A book about problem solving and resilience.


The latest in the Meet Ella series centres around Ella’s love of reading and the library, but when she borrows a book, she finds that it has disappeared when she comes home, and she can’t read it! Poor Ella, she wants to do the right thing, but she spends the weekend miserable as she searches for the book with her little sister, Olivia. Can Ella find the book and take it back to school?

These books are short, and perfect for new readers to help build their reading skills and confidence. They’re simple, and easy to read, with short chapters and a definitive plot that has a specific goal. They are a great introduction and addition to the world of Ella and Olivia, and as the readers grow, they can go from Meet Ella to Ella and Olivia, and move onto The Ella Diaries and Olivia’s Secret Scribbles, and finally, Ella at Eden. Readers can grow with the characters along the reading levels and reading confidence.

It is a great series to help build vocabulary confidence and understanding, as well as ideas of working together using things that kids see as being big events and bad things in their lives, but they are always things that they can overcome, even if they need a little help from their family and their friends.

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