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Paris Takes Over the World: Welcome to New York, USA by Kyla May and Zanni Louise

Title: Paris Takes Over the World: Welcome to New York, USA

A red cover with a girl sitting in a window overlooking New York. Paris Takes Over the World: Welcome to New York by Kyla May and Zanni Louise

Author: Kyla May and Zanni Louise

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Hi! I’m Paris. I write in my travel journal as I explore the world! Paris is off on a new adventure in the city that never sleeps … New York! While she is there, she meets a girl named Miley who has lost her Broadway show tickets. Can Paris help Miley retrace her steps through the landmarks of the city so they can get to the show on time?


• Book 2 in the BRAND-NEW series, Paris Takes Over the World.

• This is the travel diary of a 10-year-old girl named Paris.

• Paris travels to a new city and helps a new friend find a lost item.

• Paris and her friends trace their steps through famous landmarks to find the missing item.

• Full of maps, bright illustrations, landmarks, and stamps.

• FULL COLOUR internals.

• Illustrated and co-written by well-known children’s author/illustrator Kyla May.

• Co-written by Zanni Louise.


Paris is back, and ready for another travel adventure! This time, she’s off to New York, where she spends time with her cousin and makes a new friend – Miley. Miley has lost tickets to a Broadway show – and it is up to Paris to help her find them in time to see the show!

The fun and colour in this story pop from the page and make for a very engaging junior fiction book. It’s one that independent readers will enjoy, whilst teaching them about friendship and New York, and travel. Paris’s adventures are a lot of fun, and in a time when many of us aren’t travelling, they’re a delightful experience, and allow us to dream about heading overseas again one day.

It’s filled with delightful illustrations that capture the essence of the book, and Zanni and Kyla have created a world that children and readers of all ages will fall in love with. It’s one of those quieter books – it has a problem to solve but there’s no large and imminent threat like a monster that wants to hurt them, and as a reader, I think we need these quieter books to fill in the moments between the fast-paced ones where adrenaline is rushing as we try to solve the mystery, and kids will love being able to travel as they sit at home or at school.

I love that Paris makes friends everywhere she goes and has keen problem-solving skills. Things don’t always go as planned, but in the end, they work out. This is a comforting thing for kids books, and it gives us a sense of safety and certainty in an uncertain world.

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