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Super Geeks: Planet Pancake by James Hart

Title: Super Geeks: Planet Pancake

A green cover with a white boy with red hair holding a fish bowl, and the fish leaping out. There is a shorter brown boy next to him holding a machine spitting out pancakes. Above them it says Super Geeks: Planet Pancake by James Hart.

Author: James Hart

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 2nd July 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 208

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Zeek and Arnie are back in another hilarious action-packed adventure featuring pirates, pancakes and the edge of the world . . .

When Zeek and Arnie hear about a heap of TREASURE at the edge of the world, they decide to investigate. Zeek wants to use the treasure to fund his quest for WORLD DOMINATION! But how will they get there? After using their inventing skills to build a ship, the Enchilada, they sail off with Eleanor. But there’s trouble brewing on the horizon . . . What will Zeek and Arnie find at the edge of the world? Will it be TREASURE or TROUBLE? And . . . are they really alone?


The second in the Super Geeks series takes Zeek and Arnie further on their quest for world domination. But first, they must find out where Arnie’s invention, The Pancaker, has gone. But they also want to find out if the world really is flat, and find out what the edge of the world looks like – so armed with lots of material from the junkyard, they build a boat and head off to find out what the edge of the world looks like with their fish friend Eleanor – but as trouble looms ahead, can Arnie and Zeek stay away from it, or will they be swallowed whole by it, and never achieve their dream of world domination?

A yellow diamond with a kangaroo against a black and white background. The text says 2021 Aussie Author Reading Challenge.

Told in comic style, this will engage reluctant readers, and hopefully be that next step they need to help them on their reading journey, to build their literacy and visual literacy or just be a fun, enjoyable read for younger readers or those keen for something a little bit different to what they usually read. It revolves around friendship, STEM and wild and inventive dreams such as world domination, and the fun that kids have when using their imaginations.

Zeek and Arnie allow themselves to be bored and aren’t preoccupied with technology – and this makes the idea of use of imagination coupled with the role that science plays in our lives. The rollicking adventure these two friends go on is loads of fun, and this is the kind of book that could easily be read in one sitting, or that could also be read over a few sittings. I found it funny, and fille with fun and loved that it took a different approach to things, like pirates and the companions they travel with, as well as the assumptions we have.

It also celebrates ingenuity and the ability to think on your feet. Young readers will laugh and be inspired -hopefully – to step away from their screens for a while and read, or create something with their hands or go on an adventure in the world around them, It is one of those books that will appeal to many readers and will be an exciting and engaging text to use in the classroom to help with reading and literacy on many levels.

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