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Shockingly Good Stories by R.A. Spratt

Title: Shockingly Good Stories

A navy cover with a green circle. The yellow text reads Shockingly Good Stories. There is a ribbon banner above it with R.A. Spratt in black. The reset of the cover has a bear, several creatures, two girls and an ice cream truck.
Shockingly Good Stories by RA Spratt

Author: R.A. Spratt

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 2nd July 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: Piranhas on the run, stolen sandwiches, chocolate waterfalls and so much more!

From R.A. Spratt, bestselling author of Friday Barnes, comes this collection of twenty short stories perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Paul Jennings.

Featuring fractured fairytales told by none other than Nanny Piggins, previously unpublished Friday Barnes mysteries and a bunch of other hilarious and highly original tall tales.

This book will delight kids from seven to seventy, whether they’re after a bedtime story, entertainment for a long car ride or distraction in the doctor’s waiting room!


Shockingly Good Stories is filled with fractured fairytales from the delightful and highly entertaining Nanny Piggins, Friday Barnes mysteries that didn’t make it into the books, and many other hilarious tales that are highly ridiculous but are nonetheless entertaining, fun and filled with whimsy and wonder. Interspersed between the twenty tales are story telling tips for readers to enjoy and implement in their own reading of this book. I loved escaping into these worlds, each one so different from the other, especially the fractured fairy tales told by Nanny Piggins.

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These short stories capture humour, wonder and whimsy, from Friday Barnes and her intrepid investigations, fairy tales that are actually about Nanny Piggins’ relatives instead of the heroes and heroines we know about – and with very different outcomes that are well-suited to our times or the tall tales that Tammy’s mum tells her. The twenty tales in this book are perfect to read at any time, like when you’re s tuck waiting somewhere, lying in bed or having a relaxing moment. I read it in a few sittings – as I was so enthralled with them all, I wanted to know who I was going to meet next and what they were going to do.

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As an avid fairy tale lover and someone who studied them, seeing a different and unique take on some of the best-known and most loved fairy tales – but with pigs taking the central roles! In some cases, they have been completely reimagined – creating a new world and story that shows fairy tales can be used to tell almost any story and the characters can become anyone you like.

And I was thrilled to read some more Friday Barnes stories from Highcrest, and thoroughly enjoyed being back with Friday and Melanie as they solved crimes and mysteries at the school. I had never come across Tammy, but the tall tales were just as fabulous and I found myself wondering if they are or could become their own series, as they would be just as entertaining for middle grade readers.

One does not have to have read Nanny Piggins or Friday Barnes. For the new reader, the stories in this book are an exciting and delicious entrée into those worlds. For the reader of these stories, they are a delectable addition to what we already have, and something to tide us over while we wait for the next books – if there are to be any, or to just enjoy in between reading the ones that are currently available.

I loved reading these short stories, and they will be much loved by readers of all ages!

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