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Chatterpuss by Josh Pyke, illustrated by Daron Parton

Title: Chatterpuss

A grey cover with a yellow cat in the middle and a red chicken shushing it in the left corner. Above the cat is the title in yellow - Chatterpuss. Josh Pyke is in white above the title.

Author: Josh Pyke, illustrated by Daron Parton

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st July 2021

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $17.99

Synopsis: Ages 3+

  • An exciting new picture book from award-winning  singer/songwriter, Josh Pyke
  • Meet Chatterpuss—a cat who really loves to chat!
  • Glenn the hen just wants peace and quiet. But when the big bully-goat comes around, Glenn discovers having a LOUD best friend can be helpful!
  • Super fun rhyming text, families will love reading Chatterpuss’s chatter together!
  • Themes: friendship, differences, acceptance, humour, talking, patience

This is Chatterpuss. And this is Glenn.
One’s a noisy cat. One’s a quiet hen. Although they’re different, they’re best friends . . . but even friends can drive you round the bend!

A joyful new picture book about friendship (and non-stop blabbering) by award-winning singer/songwriter, Josh Pyke.


Chatterpuss is a very chatty cat – and her best friend is a chook called Glenn – who is quiet and does like to have moments of peace – but she can’t get any  not even in school, playing hide and seek or other activities, so Glenn takes herself off alone. But when big bully Graham comes along, what will happen when he shatters Glenn’s peace, and can Glenn and Chatterpuss find a compromise for chatting and peace?

Another delightful story about friendship, and finding ways to compromise in friendships whilst building on a child’s vocabulary in a fun and vibrant way, as the story celebrates difference and friendship, and the power of being there for the people we value the most.

There is something fun about animal protagonists in children’s literature, and it seems animals like cats, chooks, alpacas and a few others are very popular at the moment. This makes reading the books a lot of fun to read and engage with.

But perhaps the most important aspect of this book is the celebration of friendship, and the diversity of language through the exploration of how we use it, whether it is how much we chatter like Chatterpuss, whether we are more careful with our language like Glenn, or whether we are exploring language through rhyming and poetry. It also celebrates what makes us unique, and the power of friendship, as well as learning to find ways to compromise with our friends and family. Another fun and educational book for all readers.

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