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A Perfect Pig by Katrin Dreiling

Title: A Perfect Pig

A grey cover with a pig on the front. He is standing in front of the title A Perfect Pig. The author is Katrin Dreiling.

Author: Katrin Dreiling

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st July 2021

Format: Hardback

Pages: 32

Price: $17.99

Synopsis: Anton is a lovable new character who’s a bit of a

perfectionist. But he soon learns that sometimes you have to let go of plans and just enjoy your time with your friends

  • Themes: perfection, friendship, celebrations, plans, adaptability, surprises

Anton Pig likes his life to be in perfect order – just like his perfect side-part.

But what happens when his PERFECT party plans twist and tumble
into a terrible tangle?!


Anton is a pig who loves perfection – he loves it so much, that when the story starts, he is planning the perfect day – and the perfect surprise birthday party for his friend Lola. Lola loves surprises, and Anton wants to make her smile. He’s such a good friend, and he toddles off to prepare for the party. But very soon, things start to go wrong! Anton’s perfect plans are thrown into disarray, and he’s completely lost! What is a pig to do?

This charming story about friendship, and being prepared, but also learning how to adapt to the unknown and unforeseen. There are many reasons that a child may struggle to adapt to uncertain, new or unpredictable situations, and there are even adults who might feel uneasy with situations they can’t control. What this book does is reassure children that it changes are okay, but it is also okay to like things the way you do, and there are ways to make both work for you, much like Anton does by the end of the book.

Unlike other books aimed at this age group, the book does noy use rhyming, but straight prose, and gets its ideas and narrative across clearly and simply, as well as evocatively for the child and the adult reader, who will both take different things from this story. It can also be used in educational settings to teach children about the importance of friendship and finding ways to work with others and be adaptable, and that everyone involved needs to find a way to compromise or adapt to make something like a birthday party work.

This is a delightfully gentle and quiet book, where children and other readers can just sit and be with themselves, and explore a world of fun, friendship and birthdays, with a touch of humour and gentle reminders that being you is what makes you perfect.

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