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School of Fish: Fintastic Four by Louis Shea

Title: School of Fish: Fintastic Four

Author: Louis Shea

Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novel

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st March 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128

Price: $15.99

Synopsis: Brand new GRAPHIC NOVEL by Louis Shea

  • ·  Bright, funny, FULL COLOUR illustration
  • ·  Graphic novel format for ages 6+
  • ·  Hilarious illustrations by the illustrator of There was an Old

Lady series and Where’s Santa/Easter Bunny series

There’s a new kid at Shipwreck Primary! But there’s also something fishy about her. Can Finn the shark and his buddies work out who she is, and could she possibly be the answer to their problems with Blake the bully?

With Great White Shark teachers, treacherous undersea races, and dangerous fishermen nearby, there’s never a dull moment in this School of Fish!

A hilarious new underwater graphic novel.

It will have you hooked!



Finn and his friends, Shelly and Humphrey arrive at Shipwreck Primary to discover a new student, Philippa, who seems to know the answer to everything and mysteriously disappears from class. As Finn and his friends try to work out what is going on, Blake the bully rears his ugly head, and everyone is forced to do his work, and whispers about his prowess in the upcoming ocean race. But maybe the new student at the school is exactly what Finn and his friends need to stand up to Blake, and prove how much of a cheat he is.


Told in colourful panels coupled with funny speech bubbles, Fintastic Four is a story of friendship and bravery, and standing up to bullies, and promote the power of friendship and unity, despite differences. Through the use of fish as the child characters, the power of friendship is illustrated. Finn, Shelly and Humphrey see past each other’s differences, and eventually, get to know Philippa. This shows that what makes us unique or different can sometimes be more interesting than the similarities.


Yet it also speaks to what can unite people – a common enemy, represented in this story by the bully, Blake, who gets his way all the time, and needs to be taught a lesson. These powerful messages show that pulling together to stand up against a bully like Blake and coming together are things that we all go through in our daily lives regardless of our age and what we do in our lives. For kids, in a school environment, even if they can’t do what Finn and his friends did, it gives them a sense of empowerment that they can stand up to bullies and perhaps even report the bullying and find help.


Graphic novels like this one also allow for reluctant readers to build their confidence and find something they enjoy reading. They also help build literacy and reading confidence for kids who might be struggling, as they couple bright, colourful illustrations with speech bubbles that tell the story in an engaging and easy to grasp way. Graphic novels are a quick read, but still fun and engaging for readers, whether its building on literacy or enjoying a fun, vibrant, light read in between longer books.


This fun and engaging start to a new series is sure to find fans of all ages, and all reading levels to help build reading skills and confidence, and capture the interest of many readers aged six and older.


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