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Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony: Bite Me by Magda Szubanski

TickedOffTimmy_Bk2_COVTitle: Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony: Bite Me

Author: Magda Szubanski

Genre: Humour, Junior Fiction

Publisher: Schoalstic Australia

Published: 1st October 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: The second hilarious book in the new series by award-winning author and comedian, Magda Szubanski. Timmy is really ticked-off. He has lost his fame and fortune, and he will do anything to get it back! Even if it means he has to … work! If you thought pooing on everyone was bad, then stick around! Coz things are about to get waaaaay worse for Timmy! Now he’s the most hated thing in the world, and he’s on the run!

‘Wait, what? People hate me? More than Brussel sprouts?! Or stinky cheese? More than wedgies!?!’

Yes Timmy, they do.


Timmy has lost everything. Once a rich and famous pony, the incident from the first book, where he pooed on everyone, has left him unfamous, and sees him on the run, following a series of lessons he’d rather forget he was forced into. He’s living with his number one stalker …  ahem fan, Lorraine now. He has to work as well – Timmy has never worked or done anything for himself before. And he just gets more and more ticked off.

AWW2020Finding out everyone hates him and adores Tony the Show Pony makes things worse – and things soon get pretty messy while Timmy is on the run and trying to rebuild his reputation. But will Timmy’s attempt to reclaim his fame and fortune just make things worse than they already are?

Magda Szubanski uses ponies and humour to appeal to children aged six and over, who are taking the next step on their independent reading journey, for reluctant readers who need that first step on their reading journey, or to read with a grown-up at home or at school to build vocabulary and reading confidence, and touches on ideas of fame, celebrity and friendship in the story.

Timmy’s never had a friend – not until he meets Lorraine. Can she show him that friendship is more important than fame and fortune, or will someone else help Timmy discover the power of friendship, and start to show him how to control his temper and emotions so he doesn’t poo all over everyone?

Scholastic sent me this book to review, and I could hear and feel Magda’s voice, personality and humour shining through the words and story, giving life to the ponies, and showing children and readers that there is power in friendship. It is a fun book, and one I think kids of all reading levels will find something to enjoy about it, whether that’s just a bit of fun in between other reading or building their confidence and vocabulary skills. It’s a series that builds on itself but Magda gives a very good, brief and entertaining refresh of what has come before, so never fear new readers, you can read this book without having read the first one! I had to stop myself writing a quiz on this one, and remind myself it was a review book, rather than a quiz book – the perils of doing various things for the same publisher and in the children’s literature industry! Albeit, a fun and exciting dilemma to have.

Another great book for kids!

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