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Grump by Jonathon Bentley (also illustrator)

Title: Grump

Author: Jonathon Bentley (also illustrator)

Genre: Fiction, picture book

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published:  October 2020

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $17.99

Synopsis: Hilarious story of a teddy bear tyrant . . . and the cat on his head who’s had enough!

  • A great cautionary tale that demonstrates how bad behaviour is unacceptable and has consequences
  • From award-winning creator Jonathan Bentley.
  • Themes include: sharing, selfishness, kindness,

friendship, anti-social behaviour, speaking up,


  • Ages 3+

Watch out –

here comes Donald the Grump!

Donald’s a teddy bear with a BAD temper. His only friend is the cat on his head . . . but will one tantrum too many
send Cat running for cover too?!


What happens when a grumpy bear annoys the cat who lives on his head? Jonathon Bentley has created a fun, engaging and rhyming story combined with colourful illustrations. Donald the Grump is grumpy, and always angry at the other toys. He doesn’t like to share, and he isn’t kind.

Donald also has a cat living on top of his head, and one day the cat decides to leave when Donald blames the other toys when his tower falls. Donald must learn to share and behave properly with others before Cat will return to his head – that is, if Cat will.

Lavishly illustrated, the emotions in this story are clear and easy for children and younger readers to relate to and understand within the context of their worlds and lives.

Perfect to teach children about sharing, and not being too anti-social, and the consequences of being a bully and the act of speaking up against bullies, tyrants and people who try to use their influence to get what they want.

It is a story that reflects on the bravery to stand up to bullies. It uses rhymes, and animal characters to present issues of bullying and the need to stand up against bullies for younger children. Bullying comes in many forms, and the simplicity of telling someone you think they’re wrong and there are consequences for their actions will hopefully give readers the courage to stand up for their friends and loved ones.

Grump gives a humorous solution to how to stop someone shouting, and can start conversations about standing up to bullies, asking someone to stop shouting, and helping people learn to overcome their desire to shout. Whilst this is aimed at preschool children, there are lessons in it that everyone can learn, and the simple rhyming language makes the story very powerful.

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