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And Worms Have Eaten Them by Joshua Cejka

The legal system has set one killer free but Minneapolis Homicide Detective Meg Brown has another in ‘the box’. She’s got the evidence, motive and opportunity but can she get a confession? And what will it all mean when she does?


The entirety of this Meg Brown short takes place “in the box”, or the interview room. Detective Meg Brown of Minneapolis, has a goal. Just one. Justice. With one killer set free in what Meg and her partner, Riggins feel is inconsiderate injustice for the victim, Meg now must interview another killer.
The tension drips off the page from the characters to the reader. With each passing minute reading and within the story, I felt Meg’s frustration mount: not only with the first killer evading jail and justice, but also with the second suspect for making every attempt to annoy Meg and push her over the edge. Her anger seeped into me – a mark of how well crafted these characters and stories are by Cejka. It is through the teasing out of the facts from the suspect, known as Mad Marji, that the reader is taken on a journey, a not quite so conventional mystery, but one that uses a very important aspect of a crime novel or show – and in fact, one that left me wanting to know more about what happened once I had completed the story, not just about Mad Marji, but about the killer set free my the legal system. Again, I was enthralled by the story. Another triumph from Cejka.

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