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The Angry Birds by Joshua Cejka

Minneapolis Homicide Detective Meg Brown is going home and she couldn’t be less pleased about it. It’s been 20 years since she graduated from her western Wisconsin High School and for some reason she grudgingly decides to attend the commemoration. How is she going to justify her life to those she’s left behind? Does she really have to tell war stories about her time as a Marine, SWAT Officer, Anthropology Major? And just which pistol goes well with her boots anyway?

But more importantly, does she have what it takes to repair relationships with a former best friend, a former enemy, and still solve a 20-year-old crime? Will her dog, Dutch, forgive her for her many absences?


A Meg Brown mystery with a difference, and it is quite a delightful one. Instead of the setup of a scumbag of evil and sadistic proportions, we encounter Meg preparing for her twenty-year high school reunion – quite reluctantly, under the watchful gaze of her neglected but forgiving dog, Dutch, and her friend, Spike. Soon, Meg finds herself in a room of people she doesn’t really want to spend time with apart from her friend, Steph. She hits the radar of Kenzie, her once enemy, but who is to become a friend through the discovery of a twenty-year-old rape. This departure from the classic way of introducing a crime is refreshing, and one that I didn’t see coming. It worked extremely well, and the character development and history were delivered extremely well as Meg, Steph and Kenzie used what they had at hand to identify a rapist.
I loved the way Meg used her police smarts and what she had on hand from Kenzie and Steph, and one or two other former classmates to catch the rapist, albeit twenty years too late. A revelation towards the end of the story knocked the wind out of me, as it was definitely something I didn’t see coming, and it has had me wondering if it would have affected the way Meg turned out as a character, and what she does or if she’d still be our favourite Meg, but with a few added strengths and secrets. Whichever way she had gone, I’m sure she’d still be as fascinating and as strong as she is, and this was a great addition to the series.

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