Confused by Wanda Wiltshire

Title: Confused (Betrothed #3) confused

Author: Wanda Wiltshire

Publisher: Pantera Press

Category: Fiction

Pages: 310

Available formats: Print

Publication Date: 1/3/16

Synopsis: Defeated by shattering news after only just surviving the Shadow Fae, Marla abandons both Faera and her future role as Queen. With King Telophy’s aid, she returns to Earth, to the human family she knows and loves.

But nothing is ever simple.

With their immortality looming, Marla and her twin Lysander are soon plunged into a world they never knew existed, a world of magic, violence… and lust, where a simple mistake could have devastating consequences.

Meanwhile, the shadow fae are causing havoc on a breathtaking scale with Marla’s loved ones facing dire peril.


Marla’s life in Faera picks up shortly after the end of book two, Allegiance. She is greeted with the dilemma of seeing her betrothed, Leif, with another faery, but also the threat of the Shadow Fae and a new threat to the land of Faera and her kingdoms. Yet darkness lurks within and it draws Marla and her twin, Lysander, into a dangerous world in search of someone dear to the two of them.

Marla’s love for Jack and Leif are fighting in her heart and mind yet the story branches out beyond this, and the battles being fought between the various Fae to survive.

The continuation of the characters, their relationships and the world of Faera is fluid and it pulls the reader into the story quickly, a nice attribute for readers of the series. Wiltshire delivers just enough for the reader to know what is going on, and couples it with the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep them coming back for more, with the publication of each new book, to find out what will happen to the characters.

The ups and downs of the series continue, flowing on nicely from what has happened in previous books. This continuity will make for a great journey with the characters, and a series I hope to return to again.

Allegiance by Wanda Wiltshire

allegiance.jpgBook Title: Allegiance, book two of the Betrothed series
Author: Wanda Wiltshire
Publisher: Pantera Press
Genre: Young Adult/Fae
Release Date: July 1st, 2014
Book Synopsis: The second book in the Betrothed Series.

Having returned home, Marla seems to quickly forget her Faery Prince, Leif… And strangely, she starts seeing her best friend Jack in a different way…

Tensions mount within this doomed love triangle after Leif, unwilling to part with his betrothed, strikes a deal with his father, the fiery King Telophy, to travel to Earth to win Marla back.

Meanwhile in the enchanting land of Faera, more and more of King Telophy’s subjects are vanishing – victims of a shadowy presence.

Leif flies back to to Faera, with Marla and Jack to help vanquish this deadly threat.

Shifting shadows, bonds of blood, and with their lives in danger … Marla is conflicted, relying on both Leif and Jack for support.

But who will she choose?

And can the three save Faera in time?


This book, thankfully, picked up where the first book ended on it’s awful yet keeps you coming back for more, cliff-hanger ending that we love and hate all at the same time. Through a trick of Lief’s magic, Marla/Amy, is seemingly released from being his betrothed, and she begins a relationship with Jack, though doesn’t stop searching for her twin, Lysander, whom she found out about at the end of Betrothed, and nor do her grandparents. The mystery of what happened to her parents remains, perhaps a good thing, to keep readers wanting to know more. Yet trouble brews in more ways than one. Lief returns to claim Marla/Amy back as his betrothed, and there is trouble brewing in Faera from the Shadow Fae, kidnapping Fae and feeding off of the sunlight in their blood, searching for Lysander, and trying to get him back into Faera, his true home.
Full of twists and turns that deal quite well with the issue of the Shadow Fae, it is Marla’s attack that only hardens Lief’s resolve to find a way to vanquish these creatures…with Jack’s help, something that works and allows Lief and his father to begin to gain the upper hand. The introduction of this subplot did not detract in anyway from the main plot of Marla and Lief, and self discovery, love of all kinds, of family and friendship and Marla’s desires to help Lysander. If anything, it enriched the plot and series, giving readers something more. A threat that they could fear – a powerful emotion felt by those in the book against these creatures. I enjoyed the darker side to the book, perhaps a little more than the romance, however, that was lovely too, and done very well. Marla’s conflict of disgust and of awe of Telophy after the allegiance ceremony was beautifully portrayed, and, I imagine, exactly as one might feel when confronted with such feelings over a character or person that is despicable but also has vulnerabilities that do not always reveal themselves to people.
This book is an easy read, though perhaps one that went too quickly for me and almost made me miss my train stop – as many of the books I am reading at the moment are capable of doing. This is a good thing, because I love any book that can take me into a place completely away from where I am and that has the potential for ultimate travel distraction. This book is a good read for anyone after a good fantasy romance with a little more zing to it.

Betrothed Book Review

betrothedBook Title: Betrothed, Book one of the Betrothed series
Author: Wanda Wiltshire
Publisher: Pantera Press
Genre: Young Adult/Fae
Release Date: 2013
Book Synopsis: Amy Smith has always known she was different. Severe allergies, fragile health and taunts at school have made life an endurance test for the adopted seventeen year old.

When Amy starts having strange dreams, everything changes. Night after night, she becomes trapped in a shroud of black – a void of silence but for a male voice calling for a girl named ‘Marla’.

One night, the darkness clears, Leif is revealed and Amy discovers that she is the girl he has been searching for.
Immediately the two are swept up in a passionate yet forbidden love. Leif isn’t like the other boys Amy knows. Breathtakingly gorgeous, he speaks with her telepathically … not to mention, he can fly …

Desperate to find a way to be with her, Leif tells Amy of the terrifying threat to his Fae homeland, the danger to the people, and of an unforgivable betrayal to his King. He urges her to seek her true identity…. But Amy is confused… isn’t it all just a dream?


In the five days it took me to complete this book, I knew I had stumbled upon something special, something different. Far from being “just another romance” for teens, I found something special in this introductory book to a Fae series. Not one I had initially thought I would read, when I opened the book, a rather pleasant surprise awaited me. As in many fantasy books I have read, they begin with the protagonist living in the real world. In Amy’s case, though she has a loving family and friends, her allergies and fragile health set her apart. Through her dreams of Leif, she discovers her Fae identity. Her journey of self-discovery though, does not end in happily ever after. Instead, she finds her life in danger, as it was when she was born. Her quest to discover why, and to save her life from Lief’s power-hungry father, Telophy leads her into her true home, and a discovery that she had never imagined.
Upon entering Faera with Amy and Leif, or as she is known in Faera, Marla, her true name, I could feel the whole tone of the book change. It becomes light and dream-like, but homely, as it is dangerous for her, and her betrothed, Leif. As the novel progressed, I became more and more engrossed in Amy’s quest to find her identity, family and real home. I wanted to know where she came from, as she did, and who she really was. I saw this as the crucial plot, though the romance aspects and conflicts with health, family and friends were important contributors to what would become Amy’s dual identity, and lead to a discovery that takes readers into both worlds and into the rest of the series. I enjoyed the mystery surrounding who Amy really was, around her adoption, and the life she was really meant to lead. Her dreams of Leif are the catalyst that leads her along her path of discovery.
The cliff-hanger ending is the perfect entry into the second book, Allegiance, mysterious and leaving the reader wanting more.