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Betrothed Book Review

betrothedBook Title: Betrothed, Book one of the Betrothed series
Author: Wanda Wiltshire
Publisher: Pantera Press
Genre: Young Adult/Fae
Release Date: 2013
Book Synopsis: Amy Smith has always known she was different. Severe allergies, fragile health and taunts at school have made life an endurance test for the adopted seventeen year old.

When Amy starts having strange dreams, everything changes. Night after night, she becomes trapped in a shroud of black – a void of silence but for a male voice calling for a girl named ‘Marla’.

One night, the darkness clears, Leif is revealed and Amy discovers that she is the girl he has been searching for.
Immediately the two are swept up in a passionate yet forbidden love. Leif isn’t like the other boys Amy knows. Breathtakingly gorgeous, he speaks with her telepathically … not to mention, he can fly …

Desperate to find a way to be with her, Leif tells Amy of the terrifying threat to his Fae homeland, the danger to the people, and of an unforgivable betrayal to his King. He urges her to seek her true identity…. But Amy is confused… isn’t it all just a dream?


In the five days it took me to complete this book, I knew I had stumbled upon something special, something different. Far from being “just another romance” for teens, I found something special in this introductory book to a Fae series. Not one I had initially thought I would read, when I opened the book, a rather pleasant surprise awaited me. As in many fantasy books I have read, they begin with the protagonist living in the real world. In Amy’s case, though she has a loving family and friends, her allergies and fragile health set her apart. Through her dreams of Leif, she discovers her Fae identity. Her journey of self-discovery though, does not end in happily ever after. Instead, she finds her life in danger, as it was when she was born. Her quest to discover why, and to save her life from Lief’s power-hungry father, Telophy leads her into her true home, and a discovery that she had never imagined.
Upon entering Faera with Amy and Leif, or as she is known in Faera, Marla, her true name, I could feel the whole tone of the book change. It becomes light and dream-like, but homely, as it is dangerous for her, and her betrothed, Leif. As the novel progressed, I became more and more engrossed in Amy’s quest to find her identity, family and real home. I wanted to know where she came from, as she did, and who she really was. I saw this as the crucial plot, though the romance aspects and conflicts with health, family and friends were important contributors to what would become Amy’s dual identity, and lead to a discovery that takes readers into both worlds and into the rest of the series. I enjoyed the mystery surrounding who Amy really was, around her adoption, and the life she was really meant to lead. Her dreams of Leif are the catalyst that leads her along her path of discovery.
The cliff-hanger ending is the perfect entry into the second book, Allegiance, mysterious and leaving the reader wanting more.

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