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Veneri Verbum Book Review

Veneri Verbum by Zanzibar 7 Schwarzenegger Writing a book may be the perfect solution to all of Christopher Cullum's problems. He's currently living at home (at age twenty-five), but his mom fears she'll be doing his laundry forever. If he doesn't accomplish something notable soon, she may invoke some tough love. He might even have… Continue reading Veneri Verbum Book Review


Pirates, and wenches and magic

I said I was going to post these every week but last week got busy with university and other disruptions, so here we go. I’m about 20,000 words in, and, am actually jumping between a couple of projects, adding in new words here and there. My cast of characters in my fairy tale murder mystery… Continue reading Pirates, and wenches and magic


National Novel Writing Month 2014

In about thirty days, I will be undertaking the craziest thing I have ever done: working on my eighth NaNoWriMo novel, a fairy tale serial killer plot, whilst finishing off a course entitled Writing the Zeitgeist and preparing Christmas decorations for my room. I am coming off of seven NaNo wins, even counting one where… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month 2014