National Novel Writing Month 2014

In about thirty days, I will be undertaking the craziest thing I have ever done: working on my eighth NaNoWriMo novel, a fairy tale serial killer plot, whilst finishing off a course entitled Writing the Zeitgeist and preparing Christmas decorations for my room. I am coming off of seven NaNo wins, even counting one where I was away most of November and had a week to type up my hand written story, and on top of that, I was working off of jet lag that year four years ago, and being sick for half the month two years ago. You may well ask why I am doing this to myself. Well, because it’s fun. And superficially, I want to maintain my winning streak for as long as I can.

This year though, I am throwing another cup of flour into the mix: I am going to attempt to blog at least once a week about how I am going, right here on my reading and writing blog. It’s crazy enough that I might just pull it off and no doubt I will be very tired by the time the month is over, and going between Scrivener and Word daily is likely not the best idea, but if I can pull it off, and hopefully have a novel completed to a standard that can be edited to be potentially published, things will be looking good.

I’m still of course, planning bits and pieces of my novel. I have no protagonist, but I have an antagonist. Prince Charming as a misogynistic serial killer (or multiple murderer, because I believe a serial killer has to use the same method to create his or her signature), who goes after all the female characters of well known fairy tales. I plan on using the Grimm versions. Why? Because they are ever so much more juicy and delightful than Disney, and have all those nasty details I need. Slowly, my plot and setting will come together. The Facebook group is picking up anticipation. We are chatting about plots, throwing ideas around. I have a long list of ways to kill certain characters. It is what we do as writers. Chat about the demise of our characters, and how to pull it off. I believe with our body counts, Ducky from NCIS would have many a lifeless form to talk to, Gibbs and DiNozzo and McGee would have many a suspect to interrogate with vigour, if they lived in our worlds. As writers, we understand each other during this hectic time and support each other. So, my followers, I will be back as often as I can over the coming weeks about books, writing and NaNo.

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