Pirates, and wenches and magic

I said I was going to post these every week but last week got busy with university and other disruptions, so here we go.

I’m about 20,000 words in, and, am actually jumping between a couple of projects, adding in new words here and there. My cast of characters in my fairy tale murder mystery is quite interesting, from Wolf N Lupus, the wolf/human hybrid detective who sniffs fine arses, to a dwarf police officer with attitude, a talking elephant and a police dog named Seamus pup, willing victims…err…inspirations of some NaNoWriMo friends. The talking elephant, Joshua, is yet to thud, and the pirates just showed up not long before my second body drop. So things are going well. The ninjas have kindly stayed away, and so far, most characters are behaving themselves. Most of the time. At the same time, Princey has shown up as Hermes Charming, the misogynistic prince who gives his hair pep talks. As much as I love Disney, and Once Upon A Time, I was starting to get annoyed with the perfect prince Charming. I gave him flaws, a broken heart and murderous mind. The pirates were unexpected but First Mate Snagglebeard might just be heading the right way for a severe keelhauling. What’s NaNo without a little torture as a side dish to go with the death?
Of course, a lot of time is spent in research and procrastination, referring to my fairy tale books to discover the little bits of information that I need to link everything together. Using the juicy, original tales is much more interesting than the Disney ones: I think Snow White could die in red hot iron shoes. That would make things interesting, and give me a chance to write a red hot murder scene. Why all the death and torture? Why the pirates? NaNo is about getting out a first draft or story: edits can be done later, and as long as things don’t get too ridiculous, with any luck, the story will work with a tweak, tweak here and a tweak, tweak there.
Classic signs of NaNo are the wonderful typos made: lovely young womb instead of lovely young woman, posting like mad about things happening on the Facebook page. Strange Google searches, like, What is the favourite rum of pirates, or How can I kill someone and leave no trace? All things necessary for novel writing, depending on the genre – in fantasy, things get even more interesting with mapmaking – my cartography skills are terrible.
And with that, the pirates are heralding their arrival. I must go and rein them in.

National Novel Writing Month 2014

In about thirty days, I will be undertaking the craziest thing I have ever done: working on my eighth NaNoWriMo novel, a fairy tale serial killer plot, whilst finishing off a course entitled Writing the Zeitgeist and preparing Christmas decorations for my room. I am coming off of seven NaNo wins, even counting one where I was away most of November and had a week to type up my hand written story, and on top of that, I was working off of jet lag that year four years ago, and being sick for half the month two years ago. You may well ask why I am doing this to myself. Well, because it’s fun. And superficially, I want to maintain my winning streak for as long as I can.

This year though, I am throwing another cup of flour into the mix: I am going to attempt to blog at least once a week about how I am going, right here on my reading and writing blog. It’s crazy enough that I might just pull it off and no doubt I will be very tired by the time the month is over, and going between Scrivener and Word daily is likely not the best idea, but if I can pull it off, and hopefully have a novel completed to a standard that can be edited to be potentially published, things will be looking good.

I’m still of course, planning bits and pieces of my novel. I have no protagonist, but I have an antagonist. Prince Charming as a misogynistic serial killer (or multiple murderer, because I believe a serial killer has to use the same method to create his or her signature), who goes after all the female characters of well known fairy tales. I plan on using the Grimm versions. Why? Because they are ever so much more juicy and delightful than Disney, and have all those nasty details I need. Slowly, my plot and setting will come together. The Facebook group is picking up anticipation. We are chatting about plots, throwing ideas around. I have a long list of ways to kill certain characters. It is what we do as writers. Chat about the demise of our characters, and how to pull it off. I believe with our body counts, Ducky from NCIS would have many a lifeless form to talk to, Gibbs and DiNozzo and McGee would have many a suspect to interrogate with vigour, if they lived in our worlds. As writers, we understand each other during this hectic time and support each other. So, my followers, I will be back as often as I can over the coming weeks about books, writing and NaNo.