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Other Worlds 1: Perfect World by George Ivanoff

Title: Other Worlds 1: Perfect World Author: George Ivanoff Genre: Science Fiction, Children's books Publisher: Random House Australia/Penguin Random House Published: 26th February 2018 Format: Paperback Pages:192 Price: $14.99 Synopsis: Keagan finds a key . . . It opens a doorway . . . He steps through . . . Into a weird world of… Continue reading Other Worlds 1: Perfect World by George Ivanoff

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Mister Monday by Garth Nix

  Title: Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom #1) Author: Garth Nix Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy Publisher: Allen and Unwin Published: September 2003 Format: Paperback Pages: 336 Price: $16.99 Synopsis: Book one in a blockbuster series, The Keys to the Kingdom, by the internationally acclaimed Garth Nix. Moving between our familiar world and bizarre other… Continue reading Mister Monday by Garth Nix