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Mertales: The Daring Reef Rescue by Rebecca Timmis

Title: Mertales: The Daring Reef Rescue

A pink book with  four mermaids with different coloured skin and tails. A brown mermaid with a blue tail is at the front. The book is called The Daring Reef Rescue by Rebecca Timmis.

Author: Rebecca Timmis

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 28th September 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 120

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Galloping Guppies! It’s Book 2 in the sea-sational MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure.

Tomorrow is the Fancy-Fins Dress-up Party, and the MerTales crew are very excited!

Pearl, Sandy and Coral are extra thrilled to be testing out their mer-mazing new magic powers. But what about Shell? She doesn’t seem to have any powers and is feeling a bit left out. Then a giant turtle blunders into Cockleshell Cove, and Shell is worried that she is too much of a scaredyfish to help. Together the girls must find a way to save the turtle, rescue Cockleshell Cove and have the best dress-up party ever!

Welcome back to Cockleshell Cove, MerFriends!


Welcome back to Cockleshell Cove, and get ready to reunite with Pearl, Shell, Sandy, and Coral as they explore their mermazing magical powers they got from the meteor that fell on Pearl’s birthday. Now, all but one of the friends has a magical power. As her friends practice their magical powers, Shell wishes she could find hers, and stop being a scaredyfish – but soon, she finds out that her fear could be the key to unlocking her powers.

Following on quite quickly from the first book, the second focuses on Shell Shimmerfins, and her place in the friendship group. Each book is diverse and gives each character a voice, whist still celebrating the beauty of friendship and joy in a lovely fantasy world filled with mermaids and fintastic sea creatures.

Like the first book, the celebration of friendship is a key theme in this series, and shows that there is a special power and joy in friendship, and shows that even if everyone in your friendship group is different, there are things that pull you together, and make the bonds of friendship tighter and in this day and age, are very important – they are the bonds that last beyond romance, and for kids, friends and family are the most important relationships in their lives, and in the current era, right now, they’re likely only seeing their families. Stories like this can reassure them that their friends will always be there for them.

I am in love with this new series, and it is one that will charm fans. It is a series where all stories are interlinked, so reading them in order will give a delightful experience for the readers aged six or seven and older and are a great steppingstone into the world of independent reading. I think young girls who love mermaids will especially love this series, as it allows them to escape to a different world and imagine themselves as the characters as well.

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