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Lucy and Copper by Mandy Foot

Title: Lucy and Copper

A blue cover with a white girl in striped pants and a turquoise top. She has blonde hair and is petting a brown pony. The title Lucy and Copper is between them about the author's name, Mandy Foot.

Author: Mandy Foot

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Hachette/Lothian

Published: 30th June 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: From beloved Australian author-illustrator Mandy Foot comes the story of a girl and her horse that will warm the heart of every animal lover.

Smudge has been Lucy’s best friend since she was little. But these days, Lucy is too big to ride her beloved pony.

Lucy is sure no one can replace Smudge, even when Pa brings home a new horse called Copper. Can Lucy grow to love Copper just as much?

A story that will warm the heart of every animal lover, from the bestselling author-illustrator of Joey & Riley and The Wheels on the Bus.


This beautiful book, Lucy and Copper, is a touching story of friendship, love, and loyalty. Lucy loves her pony, Smudge – they’ve been friends for years, and Lucy has learned to ride on Smudge. But she is getting too big, and now Pa has bought her a new pony, Copper. But as she spends time with Copper, whilst reflecting on the good times she has spent with Smudge, Lucy might find that she can love both horses equally, and that she won’t be abandoning Smudge.

This is a beautifully gentle picture book, which is written and illustrated by Mandy Foot, explores themes of friendship, loyalty and change, as well as what animals in our lives – be they cats, dogs or ponies – and how they affect us. This was my first Mandy Foot book, though I have been aware of her name, and the story and illustrations took me right back to my own childhood, as these were the sort of books and the style of books that I read and gobbled up. It has a certain Australian flavour, but also a universality – this story could take place anywhere, on any farm and it would be just as special and unique to all readers who experience it, as they can bring their own experiences with their pets, friends and family to what Lucy is going through with Copper.

I loved the gentle way this book was crafted, allowing Lucy to come to terms in her own time, and in her own way, with what was happening, and being able to love Copper and Smudge equally. It shows that we do not have a finite capability to love. Lucy learns that each pony is part of her life, and that Smudge will always be the special first pony, but Copper has so much to teach her as well.

This is a charming book that celebrates love of animals and the power of their love and loyalty, and how we take them into our lives and make them our family. A beautiful book that animals lovers will adore.

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