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Pet Sitters: Tony Takes Off by Ella Shine

Title: Pet Sitters: Tony Takes Off

Author: Ella Shine

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Puddle Dog Press

Published: 1st November 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 60

Price: $12.99

Synopsis: Two pet sitters. One talking cat. What could possibly go wrong?

‘No chaos! And no emergencies!’ says Mum when Cassie and Lina pet sit again.
But Tony the miniature pony isn’t your average pet…

When Tony disappears from the paddock with Lina’s little brother, someone’s going to have to fly to the rescue.


Cassie, Lina and Gus the talking cat are back, and this time they’re juggling pet sitting a pony with taking care of Lina’s little brother, Timmy. What could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, plenty! Much like the other pets, Tony is not what he seems – he looks like a normal miniature pony, but when Lina and Cassie turn their backs for a minute, Tony and Timmy disappear! Where are they? The girls search the paddock frantically – hoping to catch Tony and get him back safely before the twins and Lina’s mum finds out!

Another fantastic novel from Ella Shine for the Pet Sitters series! The girls and Gus are again grappling with mysterious animals that seem normal as kids learn to read and learn about friendship and responsibility. I love the diversity of pets and their talents in these books, and little nods to Lina’s heritage, as well as the continuity of each Pet Sitting adventure, briefly referenced to tie the books together.

Each book is a quick read, and as I have said before, can help build literacy and reading confidence for early readers as they head off into a fantastic world of words and books. The idea to combine magical animals, a talking cat and two friends is genius, and gives readers a sense of whimsy and fun. These magical-animal imbued books are filled with life and wonder and are a joy to read alone or with a younger child. They capture the imagination, and who wouldn’t want pets who do things that are a little out of the ordinary?

With one more book to go, I will have all of these reviewed soon!

Another fantastic Pet Sitters book!

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