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Pet Sitters: Glitter Jitters by Ella Shine

Title: Pet Sitters: Glitter Jitters

Author: Ella Shine

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Puddle Dog Press

Published: November 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 60

Price: $12.99

Synopsis: Two pet sitters. One talking cat. What could possibly go wrong?

Cassie and Lina think Bella the bearded dragon is SO beautiful. Gus is not so sure, and he’s determined to prove it…

But no one’s expecting Bella to have some seriously sparkly allergies. Now everyone’s got the glitter jitters, especially Gus!


Cassie, Lina and Gus are pet sitting again – this time, whilst Cassie’s dad is preparing for a rental inspection, and is determined that the house will be spotless, and free of glitter! And it is … until Bella the bearded dragon is dropped off by Pete and Petunia. Gus the talking cat has a bad feeling about Bella’s presence, because wherever she goes, it seems as though glitter appears everywhere!

Bella seems to have some kind of allergies – but what are they? The allergies seem to spark lots of glitter – gold glitter! It’s everywhere and Cassie and Lina are trying to keep on top of it whilst also keep Bella safe! And poor Gus ends up covered in glitter as well – and in his usual sort of irate, yet gruff loving way, he tries to help the girls in his own way. Even though this might cause more troubles than they need, this added some fun and whimsy to this Pet Sitters story that evokes the sense of fun and giggly humour that will help build reading confidence for younger readers.

The fourth in this series that I was sent by Ella Shine and Puddle Dog Press, and finally, I have read them all in my quest to get through my TBR pile and make sure everything is read, reviewed and posted or scheduled. Again, it has a beautiful heart, and zest for life that encourages independent reading and growth in terms of literacy. It allows readers to explore words and friendship, and everything in between that captures so much about what it is like to want a pet. The celebration of animals and magic is endearing, and I love that each book has a little mystery and fun, and they always end on a high note that leads into the next book!

A great series for early readers!

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