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Pet Sitters: Purple Panic by Ella Shine

Title: Pet Sitters: Purple Panic

Author: Ella Shine

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Puddle Dog Press

Published: November 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 60

Price: $12.99

Synopsis: Two pet sitters. One talking cat. What could possibly go wrong?

Princess Gina’s owner is very fussy but Cassie and Lina think they’ll be able to care for her guinea pig just fine… That’s until Gus runs off with the pet sitting instructions and Princess Gina can’t even be seen!


Gus, Cassie and Lina are back, and on another pet sitting adventure in Barefoot Springs. This time, Mrs Almed has asked them to take care of her guinea pig, Princess Gina. Everything that Princess Gina comes with, including her travel cubicle, which is shaped like a fairy tale carriage, is purple. And Princess Gina comes with very specific instructions on handling, feeding and care – but what happens when an important item is missing, the instructions disappear, and Cassie and Lina can’t see Princess Gina all of a sudden, and they all become caught up in a science experiment Harry is undertaking in his room? Can the Pet Sitters get out of this one, or will they never pet sit again?

These delightful little stories are perfect for early readers, and filled with fun, friendship, animals and diversity – Lina has Hindi heritage, and we learn a little more about her and a few words that are relevant to the story in each book, showing the power of language and learning about different heritages and languages. This is the second in the series, and each time, everything seems to start out normally – that is, until the pets arrive, and good old Gus gets involved. Gus, the talking, and at times, irate cat with a heart of gold, really, causes havoc for Cassie and Lina in the only way he knows how so he can get their attention – both girls are loyal to Gus, each other and their clients, and these books not only help to build a child’s literacy, but also their empathy, and ability to learn about responsibility and helping each other and people wherever you can.

These are really cute books – quick reads for confident readers, but with enough space to grow for those building their confidence and taking the next step on their reading journey, and perfect for ages five to nine, whether they are seeking a challenge or something fun to read that grabs their interest. I think girls and boys will love these books because so many people love animals and magic, and the appeal is in what happens and the themes that come from the books. For younger readers, they can be used to build skills, whilst with older readers, could be used to discuss pet care, responsibility, friendship and working together as well as problem solving in a fun, vibrant way, and each book can be read alone or in order – truth by told, I am finding it lots of fun reading them in order, and hope to have books three and four read and reviewed very soon!

Another great Ella Shine book!

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