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How Not to Annoy Mum by Dave Hughes, Holly Ife, illustrated by Heath McKenzie

Title: How Not to Annoy Mum

Author: Dave Hughes, Holly Ife, illustrated by Heath McKenzie

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st April 2021

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $17.99


  • From hugely popular comedian and TV/Radio personality DAVE HUGHES and Holly Ife!
  • Hilarious sequel to the best-selling book How Not To Annoy Dad
  • The Koala family are back, and now the kids have all sorts of new and interesting ways to help Mum get through the busy day!
  • Fun, bright illustrations by Heath McKenzie
  • Themes: family, humour, mother’s day, love, patience,

Just another fun day for Mum with the kids. What’s not to love?

Dave Hughes and Holly Ife have written the perfect guide for HOW NOT TO ANNOY MUMS everywhere that is definitely maybe not quite entirely based on real life . . .


The Koala family are trying to get ready for the day – but Mum is having a tough time, because the kids keeping asking questions, showing off and making noise, as kids do! But poor Mum has to get ready as well as taking care of the kids – and where is dad? The kids are only trying to help at times though, even if it isn’t quite in the way mum would hope!

This humourous and entertaining picture book from Holly Ife and husband, Dave Hughes, looks at family life from the time parents and kids get up to bedtime, and everything in between that kids want and need during the day to get ready for school.

The story is divided into sections of the day, and things that mums do where children might distract them or show off or ask questions – or even find ways to point out that they are doing what mum asked. Just not in the exact way that mum asked. The kids also just want to help – but that doesn’t always go well either! So what is poor Mum to do? Are the kids annoying her? Or are they just being kids?

This clever book can work to encourage kids to do the opposite of what the Koala family does whilst still being entertaining and funny. It allows kids to imagine and remember the fun they have and also shows parents as people who cannot do everything but are trying.

It can also be used in an age-appropriate way to teach kids literacy and about responsibility, and making sure that if you can do something yourself, you find time to do it, and to not leave everything important to the last minute.

At its heart, it has an important message about family and love, and being yourself, because that’s what mum loves about you!

A fun, light-hearted read to share with the mum in your life.

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