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Bedtime is Boring by David Campbell and Daron Parton

Title: Bedtime is Boring

Author: David Campbell and Daron Parton

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: March 2021

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32



Synopsis: Second picture book, and hilarious sequel to Stupid Carrots, written by well-known TV presenter and performer, David Campbell!

  • Billy Bunny REALLY doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s far too busy! He doesn’t even feel SLEEPY!
  • A very funny and relatable picture-book series about the highs, lows and funniest moments of family life!
  • Inspired by David’s family, and in particular, his energetic youngest son, Billy!
  • Perfect book for shared reading with the whole family!
  • THEMES: families, bedtime, humour, emotions

Billy Bunny REALLY doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s NOT tired! Not even a little bit.
It may be bedtime, but Billy is NOT going quietly . . .

See if Billy wins the bedtime battle in this hilarious sequel to Stupid Carrots, written by (a quite tired) David Campbell


The sequel to Stupid Carrots is Bedtime is Boring, and this time, Betty’s brother, Billy, has a starring role. It’s time for bed – and Billy doesn’t want to go. He wants to play, but dad keeps telling him it is time for bed. Billy finds every reason he can not to go to bed – but he has to! A story about the challenges of bedtime, using bunnies and humour to get children to go to bed.

Much like Stupid Carrots, Bedtime is Boring was inspired by David’s son Billy. These stories work to convince children to go to bed and eat their veggies in fun and exciting ways, with colourful illustrations filled with action and giggles.

This series looks to be headed in a fun direction, with the Bunny family exploring and dealing with all kinds of family issues in a humourous and touching way to reassure children and help them learn safely.

These stories work well together and separately, with recognisable characters, and lessons that build on each other. In creating individual stories for each challenge that families face with young children, this series can be used as teaching moments when necessary, or purely as entertainment, because sometimes this is the best way we learn. Rather than didactic lessons and stories, learning through fun and entertainment can help.

A great addition to this series, which is fun and colourful – a great read for younger readers.

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