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The Adventures of Catvinkle by Elliot Perlman

Title: The Adventures of Catvinkle

Author: Elliot Perlman

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 1st October 2018

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 240

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: Elliot Perlman’s first book for children is a tail-spin of a tale that will have you howling with laughter!

When a pampered cat has to share her home with a lost dog, sparks are set to fly. To her surprise, Catvinkle starts to like Ula. She even tells Ula her three secrets. But a cat and a dog can’t be friends – can they?

A tail-spin of a tale that will make you howl with laughter – and remind you that if you aren’t open to adventure, you might never meet your best friend.


Cats and dogs can’t be friends, as we all know oh so well. It’s completely unheard of and impossible! That is, until we meet Catvinkle, one of the most pampered cats in Amsterdam, and a baby shoe dancer. Catvinkle’s sleeping peacefully one day when her human, Mr Sabatini brings home a lost dalmatian called Ula, and Catvinkle soon finds that she can trust Ula, and goes on grand adventures with her new friend, and learns something about herself that she didn’t know and learns about the true meaning of friendship. Ula is a true friend, as Catvinkle will find out in this delightful story that captures the imagination.

This delightful story is perfect for newly independent readers, highly independent readers, confident readers – and for anyone who likes to read a fun story or have one read to them. It is full of life and lessons about friendship, bravery and being yourself. Ula teaches Catvinkle that one does not have to be who others want you to be, or expect you to be. Catvinkle and Ula are wonderful characters, whose vibrancy and joy pops off the page and excites the reader. It was one of those books where I wanted to read and read and read, but also, I never wanted it to end.

It is lovely to imagine that cats and dogs would be friends, and that when they are not with their humans, they have adventures with Puppies Anonymous and Kittens Anonymous, amongst other things! And can they really talk? If they do, is it only children who can understand them? Read on, and find out dear friends, what Catvinkle and Ula are able to do.

It is a comforting read as well, and in a year that continues to be turbulent, because we simply do not know where things are headed right now. It has been a year of comfort reads for many, and were I to make a list of comfort reads, Catvinkle would be on there. It can also teach children gently about friendship, peer pressure and bullying, and what true loyalty looks like. A wonderful book, and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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