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Disgusting McGrossface Goes on Holiday by Rove McManus

Title: Disgusting McGrossface Goes on Holiday

Author: Rove McManus

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st November 2020

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $17.99

Synopsis: A NEW picture book written AND illustrated by Australian actor and TV Personality ROVE McMANUS!

  • ·  Sequel to the popular picture book, Disgusting McGrossface.
  • ·  Laugh-out-loud rhyming text that will have kids of all ages giggling.
  • ·  Disgusting McGrossface is back and he’s followed the family on their holiday!
  • ·  Illustrations by Rove McManus.
  • ·  Perfect read-aloud picture book.

Who stays in a place down near the sewer? Disgusting McGrossface, you’re right in manure!

Disgusting McGrossface is back! And this time he has followed the family on holiday . . .


Rove McManus has created another funny picture book for younger readers in the Disgusting McGrossface series. This time, Disgusting McGrossface has followed the family he lives with on their beach holiday – and everything is GROSS! The beach, the pool – what will the family do now? Can they still have a good holiday with Disgusting McGrossface around?

The rhyming text Rove has crafted is filled with humour and rhythm, and Rove’s voice flows through the words – whether read silently or read out loud. It’s a funny story that children aged four and over will love, and that will also be a useful tool to teach younger children about language, rhythm and rhyming, and the role of poetry in stories and literature.

The monster known as Disgusting McGrossface is perfectly rendered in all his disgusting glory, and kids who love these sorts of stories will revel in the images, and the things that Disgusting McGrossface gets up to.

I’ve read two of Rove’s kids’ books now as a reviewer for Scholastic, a very different task to writing quizzes, and so far, I haven’t had to review a book and write a quiz on the same book at the same time – I’m sure there is the possibility of that happening, and when it does, I will find it amusing. Rove’s books have a sense of humour that feels quite Australian, that represents the background Rove has come from, and when authors employ this, there is something delightful about it. I love that this book evokes a sense of Australian summer holidays, and even though we’re still dealing with the pandemic, hopefully this book can take kids to the beach when they can’t physically get there.

Another funny book from Rove and Scholastic!

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