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Wonderful Wishes by Kelly Louise Jarris, Rosy Sale

Title: Wonderful Wishes

A boy with black hair in striped pyjamas flies through the air with a blonde fairy over clouds, a castle and fairy land. Wonderful Wishes by Kelly Louise Jarris.

Author: Kelly Louise Jarris, Rosy Sale

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: InHouse Publishing

Published: March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 24

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: From rubber cars to cake eating dinosaurs this delightful tale is designed to take little imaginations on an entertaining journey before bedtime.

I cannot thank the illustrator Rosy Sale enough for her creative ability. My hand drawn stick figures she had for reference were awful, the magic all happened when I handed her my story.

Rosy hand painted every single page and brought all the characters to life. I would have to say my favourite character and most kids I chat to love the Strawberry cake eating dinosaur.

Rosy was able to take these pictures and my words and bring Wonderful Wishes to life.


Wonderful Wishes is a beautiful rhyming bedtime story, where a young boy imagine rubber cars that he can drive, dinosaurs that eat cake, and helping the dish find the spoon. It takes children on a very special journey as they settle down for bed, in a world of whimsy and wonder. I loved that it brought the amazing childhood wishes and imagination to life as well. Kelly’s joyful words are accompanied by Rosy Sale’s illustrations, which are calming and magical.

Black and tan stripes with the text 2022 Aussie Author Reading Challenge. A diamond with a kangaroo in blues, pinks and purples is next to the text.

The combination of Kelly’s delightful words and Rosy’s gentle illustrations give the story life and engage children in a beautiful bedtime routine that uses rhyme and recognisable childhood toys, wishes, and rhymes to help calm a child. I love reading it and feel that readers of all ages will get something out of this book and its calming sensations that can also ease worries, as well as helping children calm down at bedtime.

It’s a quiet book that allows children to dream and wind down after a day of being active and running around. I loved reading it and it is the kind of book I would have loved to read as a kid, because it allows kids to imagine their own dream world – a world that is uniquely theirs that they can go to when it is time to sleep.

Kelly’s ability to write a story that readers of all ages can see themselves in and experience in their own way is beautiful. And it is wonderfully put together. It is one that I will be sharing with my niece, and opening up her imagination and her dreamworld, because it is the kind of book that will do this and is uplifting and a true delight to read. It is a very special picture book that I hope many people will love. Head to Kelly’s website to buy it!

Another beautiful picture book!

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