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Mertales 4: The Mysterious Rainbow Thief by Rebecca Timmis

Title: Mertales 4: The Mysterious Rainbow Thi

Four mermaids on a green cover under the heading Mertales The Mysterious Rainbow Thief by Rebecca Timmis

Author: Rebecca Timmis

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 3rd May 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 152

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Jiggling jellyfish! It’s Book 4 in the fin-tastic MerTales series, packed with mer-magical adventure.

The colours are disappearing from Cockleshell Cove! The bright coral reef is grey and dull, and even the clownfish have lost their colour. The MerTales crew are worried their tails might be next!

Sandy sets out to investigate with the help of her friends, Pearl, Shell and Coral. F.I.N.S. have saved Cockleshell Cove from reef dragons, giant turtles and catfish burglars, but the Mysterious Rainbow Thief moves faster than anything they have ever seen.

Can the mer-crew catch the thief and bring back Cockleshell Cove’s beautiful rainbow?


Pearl, Shell, Sandy, and Coral are back in a new adventure. One day they notice that the colours are disappearing from the reef – from fish, from coral, from homes – everywhere. The colour keeps vanishing and nobody knows where it is going. Until a mysterious flash on a photo suggests that there is a mysterious sea creature stealing all the colour in Cockleshell Cove! What is everyone going to? In this book, it is Sandy’s turn to shine – with her love of books, science, reading, knowledge, and mysteries – to help save the day. Again, the book is filled with clever mermaid puns based around well-known figures in our own society and culture from over the years, which make for fun in-jokes that readers can appreciate as they see their known world coming into a wonderful fantasy world of friendship, magic, and mermaids.

The F.I.N.S have managed to save Cockleshell Cove from many other threats -reef dragons, giant turtles, and catfish burglars – but this new challenge might prove more difficult for them to solve than anything else they have ever faced. The best friends must band together to work out what to do and embark on a dangerous mission to find what they need to work out what has been going on and return the colour to their home.

The fourth and I think, final fintastic book in this mermazing series lets all the characters shine and work together – and this time, hopefully nobody will thwart them or get in their way – but there may be other obstacles the friends need to get around. One of my favourite things about this series is its wonderful focus on friendship and working together to solve problems, showing younger readers that sometimes, you need help to do thing, even if you feel that the you know what to do more than others, as Sandy finds out in this story.

It is a fun series that I think younger readers will greatly enjoy as they build their reading confidence and learn about friendship and working together across the series, which shows that things will always work out when you work hard, and encourage readers to never give up hope that they can achieve their goals and enjoy life.

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