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Hello World by Lisa Shanahan

Title: Hello World

A yellow  cover with a brown cot with different coloured pillows. A little girl in purple clothes holding a toy cat stands in it under the yellow words Hello World. It is by Lisa Shanahan and Leila Rudge.

Author: Lisa Shanahan

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: ABC Children’s Books

Published: 28th July 2021

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: See the world through the eyes of a toddler, with this perfect new picture book from much-loved pair Lisa Shanahan and Leila Rudge.

The sun is up and so is one gorgeous munchkin, ready to welcome the world!

With a delicious rhyming text and scrumptious illustrations, here is a joyous celebration of all the small wonders waiting to be discovered, in a single ordinary day.


Rhyming picture books, especially from the perspective of the child. In Hello World, a young toddler is encountering the world, and as she goes through her day, she greets everything and everyone, from food, to toys, to her family and to everything around her. The gentle illustrations capture the joy she feels, and the lovely rhymes bounce around, creating a lyrical story for toddlers to enjoy.

Sparkly purple silhouette of Miles Franklin with the text 2021 Australian Women Writers Centre.

This beautiful book is aimed at babies and toddlers and is ideal for parents to read to their toddlers to build on their vocabulary as they learn to read, and for older children to read to younger siblings, and practise their own reading and build vocabulary and an understanding of the way rhymes work and dance on the page.

It is almost like a song and a dance throughout, as the reader follows the young toddler through her interesting and fun day, learning new things, and rediscovering things. She sees the world as unique every day even though she sees the same things and the same people, it is still fun and fascinating for her – every day is a new day!

This is a delightful book for all ages, and will engage little booklovers in a world of language that they will carry with them forever.

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