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Mr Men: Mr Tickle – 50th anniversary edition by Roger Hargreaves

Title: Mr Men: Mr Tickle – 50th anniversary edition

Author: Roger Hargreaves

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 30th March 2021

Format: Hardback

Pages: 40

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: Enjoy the story that first introduced the Mr Men to the world in this special 50th anniversary edition!

Mr Tickle is small and round and has arms that stretch and stretch. Extraordinarily long arms, perfect for tickling!

In 1971 Mr Tickle was published, bringing fun, tickles and laughter to children everywhere. Now, 50 years later you can enjoy this special upsized edition of the classic story with a bonus new story about how it all began. The perfect gift for fans of the Mr Men.

The Mr Men and Little Miss have been delighting children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Bold illustrations and funny stories make Mr Men and Little Miss the perfect story time experience for children aged two up. Have you met them all?


Since 1971, generations of children have grown up with the Mr Men and Little Miss books, but did you ever wonder where it all began? 2021 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the very first Mr Men character, Mr Tickle. In this edition, we get the original Mr Tickle story from 1971 as well as a brief introduction about where the idea came from, and the beginnings of the series.

So what does a tickle look like? This is the question that Roger’s som posed to him in 1971 – and thus, the round, long-armed, hat wearing orange blob that waddles around tickling people all around town – and nobody knows who is behind it! This new edition, issued by Roger Hargreaves son, Adam, and Puffin Books, captures the original joy of the very first story for a new generation, and explores the world that Roger Hargreaves created for his son all those years ago.

The series has expanded into the Little Miss books as well, and Adam, Rogers so, has been at the helm of these books since 1988, creating his first new characters in 2003 (Mr Cool, Mr Rude, Mr Good, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad and Little Miss Whoops), but the original characters like Mr Tickle have remained a staple for 50 years, culminating in the 50th anniversary this year. To date in 2021,  there are ninety characters in the series, and I am sure many more to come.

This series has been a childhood staple for many children over the past 50 years, and will hopefully, be adored and enjoyed by children for many years to come. With so many Mr Men and Little Miss characters and personalities to choose from, everyone is sure to find the right story to suit their personality, and congratulations on the milestone, Mr Men!

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