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Monty’s Island: Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg by Emily Rodda, Lucinda Gifford

Title: Monty’s Island: Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg

Author: Emily Rodda, Lucinda Gifford

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 5th January 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 176

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Monty lives on a perfect island in the middle of a magical sea. Sometimes the sea throws up something interesting … and Monty goes on an amazing adventure!

On a tiny island far away, in a sea that ripples with magic, Monty never knows what he might find…
The most unexpected things wash up on Monty’s Island. And a golden egg might be his most amazing find yet!

But when a pair of flying monsters and a mysterious explorer arrive, it seems the egg is about to hatch into a very big problem.

Can Monty find a way to solve it? Surely he can! All he needs is a little help from his friends. And the Hairy Horrible.

An adventurous and entertaining new series from beloved author Emily Rodda.


Monty and his friends are back – and they’ve discovered a golden egg, and load of treasure after a storm has ravaged the island. Soon, the egg hatches, and two flying monsters appear. Monty and his friends band together to save the egg, and each other from the flying monsters…but is the new arrival, Elvis Eager what he says he is? And who is this mysterious Ranger Katz?

I’ve been following this series from the beginning and each story is equally beautiful and captures the innocence and ingenuity of Monty and his friends. Monty is one of those characters that children of all ages can relate to – he is fun, and smart. Inventive and brave, and he also exhibits some childlike uncertainty at times. Yet Monty will always have his friends – Marigold, Tawny, Clink, Bunchy and Sir Wise, as well as the Traveller, who pops in and out of the story as he is needed.

What I love about this series is that anyone aged six and over will be able to read it. It is great for those seeking for that next level of reading, with a bit more text, some illustrations, but still fairly short and something that can be read chapter by chapter at night. It’s a series that can build reading confidence and is one of those books that can be read alone, or with someone, such as in class or with an adult.

It will also build confident readers and can give the most confident readers a break from longer reading when they need it. For older readers it is just as nice as a quick read, something to fit in when you need a short, fast-paced read.

This series is exceptional as it teaches children about teamwork and friendship, as well as loyalty and what happens when you try to trick people. (Though we don’t all have a Hairy Horrible to help us). This is a series that continues to grow, but the consistency in its reading level and length will ensure that all ages can engage on all levels with this book and get enjoyment out of it.

Monty’s Island is one of those series that is joyful and comforting, something we all need at this time, during an unpredictable pandemic. It’s books like these that can give moments of comfort and escape in an uncertain world. This is a delightful series that I hope continues to grow and bring new characters to life, as well as revealing new things about each character as we go through the books.

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