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Fossil Frenzy (The Adamson Adventures #3) by Sandra Bennett

Title: Fossil Frenzy (The Adamson Adventures #3)

Author: Sandra Bennett

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Rosella Ridge Books

Published: 31st October 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 180

Price: $17.00

Synopsis: The Adamson siblings are on their third thrilling adventure. There’s not a beach in sight this time, not even a drop of water. Zac, Clare and Luke find themselves in the drought-stricken present of outback Queensland where the only hope to save their Uncle’s farm is buried in the past.

Shortlisted in Queensland Writers Centre Adaptable Competition 2020. The manuscript was pitched to film producers in association with the Gold Coast Film Festival. Now it’s your turn to enjoy reading this exciting and engaging adventure set among the fossil region around Winton, Queensland.

Discover unusual Australian dinosaurs and mega-fauna along with the Adamson siblings.

Devastated by the effects of drought on the family farm, rock collector and all-round science buff, Zac has a plan. Along with his squabbling siblings, animal loving Clare and trouble-making Luke, the trio set off in search of dinosaur fossils. Not heeding weather warnings, they must seek shelter fast when two cyclones merge to descend upon the landscape. After the storm, the environment is strangely different.

A lush rainforest canopy now shelters them. A massive lake now fills the open plains. The homestead is nowhere in sight. Zac can’t reach Uncle Tom on his walkie-talkie and what’s worse, there’s a pile of ginormous poo that no cow could possibly have left behind.

Will they find the proof they need to save the family farm, or have they discovered much more than they ever thought possible?


  • Adventure
  • Drought
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Cooperation
  • Climate Change
  • Resilience
  • Australian Dinosaurs and Mega-Fauna


  • Students aged 7 – 12


Zac, Clare and Luke are in outback Queensland on a working holiday. Drought seeps across the land, strangling the earth and the plants, the animals and the humans, begging for rain. The three siblings discover Mick, whom they met in the previous book, staying in the area too. Whilst out on a trek to find dinosaur fossils, the Adamson siblings are hurtled back into the Cretaceous era – but how will they get home, and can they stay safe from the dangers of this unknown time?

I read this book first as an editor, and now I get to read it again as a reviewer, as part of the blog tour running from November to January with Romi at Books on Tour – a wonderful coincidence as I had already agreed to review it for Sandra during our communications in the editorial stage. Reading something you’ve edited is interesting – you really have to change gears into reader mode, and it is great to see how your edits have helped the book.

The Adamson siblings have had adventures with archaeologists and ghosts and are building up a collection of compasses – a delightful link between the books that connects the series, as well as hints and throwbacks to the previous books, cementing that this is a series that is best read in order.

Each book in the series teaches children something about history, and builds on their literacy and reading comprehension, and is aimed at readers aged seven and older. The prose is easy to understand but also filled with opportunities to learn about literacy and pick up new words and concepts. It involves dinosaurs – so kids will love it! It will teach them about all kinds of dinosaurs and Australia during the Cretaceous period, and questions about time travel and fossils, and caring for animals. There are many instances that can open up all kinds of conversations, or it can just be enjoyed as a rollicking time travel read that requires some suspension of disbelief, but it all makes sense within the story, and blends together with reality to create a sense of time and place. Time travel is a fun theme to play with, and Sandra has done a wonderful job using time travel to tell this story about history and palaeontology combined with sibling rivalry, with themes of climate change amidst the excitement of dealing with dinosaurs.

A fun and riveting read for younger readers.

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