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Wizards of Once: Never and Forever by Cressida Cowell

Title: Wizards of Once: Never and Forever

Author: Cressida Cowell

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Hodder Children’s/Hachette

Published:  22nd September 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 385

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: The final book in the Wizards of Once quartet. Warriors and Wizards combine forces against the dreadful power of the Kingwitch, whose searing evil threatens not only the Wildwoods, but all its creatures.

The No.1 bestselling series from the author of How to Train Your Dragon. Can Xar and Wish unite their worlds in time to save the Wildwoods? Will it be Never… or Forever? The final book in the magical The Wizards of Once series. Xar and Wish have found the ingredients for the Spell-to-get-rid-of-Witches. Now the Kingwitch is calling them to the lake of the lost. But first they must mix the potion in the Cup of Second Chances …

Can they defeat the hungry Tatzelwerm monster and escape with the cup? And will the spell be strong enough to lift the CURSE OF THE WILDWOODS… or will Witches reign FOREVER?

“A rollercoaster of suspense and surprise” GUARDIAN
“Cowell is moving towards national treasure” BIG ISSUE
“Another coup from Cowell” SUNDAY TIMES


Wish and Xar have come to the end of their journey, and with this final offering, we must bid our unusual, yet well suited heroes adieu. But first, we must join them on their quest to unite the Warrior and Wizard worlds against the witches and defeat the Tatzelwerm monster. Their parents, Encanzo and Sychorax, are still chasing their children across the Bronze Age world they live in.

The final book in the Wizards of Once series picks up directly after Knock Three Times, and concludes a rollercoaster of a year, filled with surprises, suspense, friendship and magic. Each book has built on the previous one, and has included references and common phrases across the series to link the books, told through the eyes of the Unknown Narrator (we may find out who they are in this book), and with themes that are universal yet told in a unique way. There are elements of traditional tales and myths of the Celtic tradition threaded throughout and leading up to something that I didn’t see coming, and its inclusion, and the way it was done, was very clever, and hopefully readers will appreciate it.

This is a fun series, filled with danger, humour, magic, family and loyalty. It is about pushing past prejudice and accepting people for the kind of person they are. It is about loyalty and helping your friends when things get tough, or when they need help to overcome the challenges that they face with the Witchstain and Wish’s Magic-that-works-on-iron.

Wish and Xar are at first, unlikely friends and heroes, but when they band together with Perdita, Caliburn, the sprites, and many others, they form an alliance that brings old feelings and tensions to the surface and forces the Wizard and Warrior forts to become allies as they search for their children and try to defeat the Kingwitch.  Will they succeed, and at what cost?

This lively and rollicking adventure has come to its end. And as sad as it is to say farewell to Xar and Wish, the end gives a delightfully tasty hint as to what the Unknown Narrator might see in their future. But you should read all four in order – no skipping, now – to find out what happens, and what this will lead to.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the final book in this quartet. A wonderful series of magic and friendship for all readers aged eight and older.

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