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Rocky Lobstar #2: Time Travel Tangle by Rove McManus

time travel tangleTitle: Rocky Lobstar #2: Time Travel Tangle
Author: Rove McManus
Genre: Humour
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: 1st August 2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Price: $14.99
• Synopsis: A NEW fiction series written AND illustrated by Australian actor and TV Personality ROVE McMANUS!
• Hilarious tale of Rocky Lobstar—the star of Felidi’s Fabulous Sideshow Carnival!
• Highly illustrated funny stories, perfect for all reading levels.
• An appealing mix of narrative, comic panels, speech
bubbles and hilarious illustrations.
• Rocky and his friend Goober go on an hilarious time
travelling adventure.
‘Hi! I’m Rocky Lobstar. I’m part-boy, part lobster!’
Rocky and his best mate, Goober, accidentally break Mr Felidi’s prized tea set. But as luck would have it, a visiting professor has brought her time machine along to Felidi’s Fabulous Sideshow Carnival. Can Rocky and Goober turn back time and save the tea set? Or will they cause an epic time travel catastrophe?


Rocky Lobstar and his friends from Felidi’s Fabulous Sideshow Carnival are getting ready for their next show when Rocky and his best friend, Goober, accidentally break a prized tea set. When they find the time machine of a visiting professor that responds to rhymes and politeness, they hatch a plan to go back in time and fix things. Yet they need to be careful and make sure they go back to the right moment in time, and ensure nobody sees them to avoid time tangling in a way that can never be repaired, as they go back to the beginning of time, to where they need to be and almost tearing time into so many pieces that it cannot be repaired!

This fun and engaging series is perfect for newly minted readers aged seven and older, taking that next step towards confident and independent reading. The child characters are animals, or part animals, which suits the genre perfectly and the fast pace is sure to capture the attention of younger readers.

The joy of this book is in the words and illustrations, done by Rove McManus himself, and the whimsical feeling that Rove also brings to his presenting and comedy, but for children. His delightful style and voice are richly embroidered throughout the story, and the characters bring such joy to story. I had a lot of fun and laughs whilst reading this book.

What a fun series – readers of all ages will enjoy this, and it can be read out loud, to yourself and to others by kids, adults, in class, or at home, and for a time, fall into a unique and magical world that entrances and captures the imagination of readers young and old. I enjoyed reading this for review for Scholastic, and hope other readers will enjoy it too.

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